Venus enters Capricorn, The Art of Business & Relationships, Astrology for January 8, 2013

weelogoToday Venus leaves target practice and Sagittarius behind, to enter into Governess Capricorn. The lady will be in the house – and she wants loyalty and respect, so good manners, support, and effort are suggested. Needs will take on more serious dreams, that are much bigger. If understand our priorities, we’ll do what we need to do to reach them. So what happens, is that Venus will trade in her colorful wardrobe and elegant heels for the next four weeks, for a dark brown uniform and a pair of work boots. Yes, seriously. Just because the female energy is present, doesn’t mean that the rules are going to change, or even soften. No way, Jose. In fact, the rules may just get a little tougher, to see how bad we want to win the brass ring.

She could look a challenge, right in the eyes. Stevie Nicks

Venus rules values, money, and love. What we want in our relationships, business, finances, and personal growth will shift, and this can put us through an obstacle course regarding our needs. This means that it’s not a time to slack, because difficulties can rise – if they haven’t already. If we want more, we’re going to have to work just as hard as ever, to achieve goals. If we want respect, we’ll need to prove that we deserve it. (Goldie Hawn in Private Benjamin happens to comes to mind). Then what will happen during this course, is that it will separate ‘the strong from the weak’, ‘the winners from the losers’, and ‘the pros from the amateurs’.

In Capricorn, success won’t be easy – but it can be worth every ounce of blood and sweat that we invest. It’s about doing our share in building and enforcing, from areas in the home and family, to business, finances, and status. With Venus in Capricorn is the ‘art of business’, and while we’ll want it ALL; status, power, love, money, respect… we’ll need to be realistic and determined, as well as responsible and committed. New partnerships can be formed under this cycle, while current relationships renew. Difficulties will come with the territory, but this will help to point us in the right direction. So if want it bad enough, we need to prioritize, and place it at the top of our ladder. Not somewhere in the middle, but as our ‘numero uno’. Then… we work for it, to earn it all. A need develops to conquer a mountain. Just be sure to know your mountain first, so that standards are reachable, and don’t lead to failure, as mentioned in the Devil tarot card.

Few people have the imagination for reality. Goethe

With Mars in Aquarius, our energy is fixed and dedicated, so losing is not an option. Imagination with creativity will help us to experiment with our options, so that we can find our own groove. But if/when the going gets tough, remember that Venus has experienced some very tough lessons during the past two years with Saturn in Libra. Now with Saturn in Scorpio for the next two and a half years, karmic transformations will be taking place. The energy from Venus in Capricorn can design our blueprints, to deliver what matters most.

I know what I have given you… I do not know what you have received. Antonio Porchia


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January 2013 Tarotscope, Zodiac Twist of Tarot with Astrology Horoscope

Starcana Tarotscope, Tarotscopes Horoscopes, a twist of astrology and the tarot.Starcana Tarotscopes are a horoscope twist of astrology and tarot for your zodiac sign. This includes a general tarot card interpretation for the month, along with a solar horoscope. For something more personalized, consider a professional session that is customized to your specific energy and situation. You may also do some self-service using your birth chart information, with my three card spread:

  1. 1) First Card: Use your Ascendant, to explain what you already know.
  2. 2) Second Card: Use your Moon sign, to understand what is challenging you.
  3. 3) Third Card: Use your Sun sign, to know what is generally being created.

If you’d like a birth chart of the day  you were born, check out my personality reports. 


Happy Birthday! AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18) – The Star: Hope arrives. Faith is revived. Times become much easier. It’s all downhill now. Socializing. Inspiration. Volunteering our time or money. A new friend appears. Finding a real reason. A purpose to shine. Assistance. Inner guidance. All is crystal clear. Believing in others again. Seeing a new perspective. A clear head. No resistance. Earth Angel. Our world expands in a big way. Spiritual Love. Belonging. Twinkling in the eyes of others. Invitations. Help arrives. Paying it forward. A light bulb goes off. Brainstorming. Trusting our insight. Optimistic about tomorrow. Hope is just a step a way. We see a sign of hope. Balance comes our way. A new day begins. Renewal. Making a wish.

With your ruler Uranus now direct, life begins to turn around for you Aquarius. And as they do, you can begin to feel like your unique self here at the beginning of 2013. With a brilliant new vision, you’ll be stepping toward unfamiliar roads as Sun and Mercury join Mars in your house of First Impressions. Direction will begin to crystalize as you focus, helping you to reach for the stars. Express yourself, and expect to shine brightly with January’s Leo Full Moon. Brainstorm an amazing plan, then set intentions on the upcoming Capricorn New Moon. Fuel your rocket with creative juices. To stay updated and prepared for this months cosmic influences, subscribe to my free newsletter by email. Grab your ‘happy birthday minutes’ here.


PISCES (February 19-March 20) Nine of Swords: Too many thoughts. Choosing solitude. A cycle about to close. Making your own misery. Afraid of the night. Worry about tomorrow and what others think. Living by the nightmare held in your mind. Feeling threatened. Fears present themselves. Afraid of being revealed. Disturbed sleep. Agitation. Being your own worst critic. Secrets do not become you. Hiding in the dark. You become your thoughts. Memories and mistakes haunt us. Seclusion. Expecting the worst. Self-entrapment. Find a way to separate nightmare from reality. Afraid of being judged. Find a way to free yourself. Pay attention to the messages in your dreams.

As your house of Hopes and Wishes rely heavily on ambition and hard work Pisces, you may find yourself looking at life from a different perspective at the beginning of 2013. Things can appear to be more confusing when you’re fumbling through the dark, but Sun and Mercury will  join Mars to light up your house of Karma. A new cycle is calling for you, but crossing that bridge may be a bit scary as you face some truth about yourself. Just know that up ahead, fresh, sparkling waters flow with life, so you may want to concentrate on improving your swimming skills. Trust yourself. To stay updated and prepared for this months cosmic influences, subscribe to my free newsletter by email.


ARIES (March 21-April 19) The Hierophant: Quieting of the mind. Silence. Compassion. Following traditional ways. Returning to our belief system. A great teacher. Returning to heritage. Public speaking. Great knowledge. Creating believers. Outdated, worn-out ways win over change. Maturity. Feeling stuck in the mud. Seeking advice from clergy or those in our circle. We stop fighting. The war is over. Admirers yearn for our knowledge and truth. Kindness. An older individual comes to share wisdom. Know our purpose. Historical Importance. Returning to old ways. Conformity. the bible may become of an importance. It’s time to ‘own’ it. Wisdom from listening. Speaking of knowledge. Thoughts and patterns make sense. Acceptance. Forgiveness. Step out of the limelight to talk with our conscience. Stature is of importance. Knowing ourself. Guru. The wise one. Understanding rules. Self-sacrificing. Buying time. Welcomed and belonging again. Appreciation and respect. Self-respect with inner peace and comfort. Mercy. Grace

You’ve got a full house in your Career and Status realm Aries, and this will improve the odds for potential in work, family, and finances. With the Capricorn New Moon powering up your 2013 and your intentions in your money house, you may be busy building your self-image to gain approval of those around you. Sun and Mercury will shift into your house of Hopes and Wishes in the middle of the month, helping your inner beauty to shine on the outside. You’re definitely attracting much attention Aries, just make sure you’re polished! To stay updated and prepared for this months cosmic influences, subscribe to my free newsletter by email.


TAURUS(April 20-May 20)  The Devil: Punishing ourselves. Feeling chained to something that does’t feel right. Addiction or an obsession leads to frustration. Too fearful to move. Stunted growth isn’t really a surprise. Questioning the meaning of happiness. Distracted from goals. Materialism. Success delayed from fear. Hanging on to what limits our growth. Be careful as to what you wish for, you just might get it. Repeat of the same tried events may bring misery. What goes up, must come down. Stuck. Clinging to excuses and blame. Doing the right thing for the wrong reasons. Choosing the harder road… unless you break from the rut you got yourself stuck in.

There’s a lot of activity in your house of Higher Learning Taurus. Powerful vibrations will enhance your sense of duty, or create a sense of heaviness. What you think will be essential to your direction for 2013, as we eventually become our thoughts. If you find yourself struggling, ask what you are hanging onto, as explored in my recent Devil tarot article. As Saturn rests comfortably in your house of Transformations, change isn’t going to happen quickly or easily, because you need to do it right. With Jupiter to station direct, as Sun and Mercury illuminate your house of Career and Family, the heavens may generously open their skies with opportunities for you. Look for signs. To stay updated and prepared for this months cosmic influences, subscribe to my free newsletter by email.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20)  The High Priestess: Hidden wisdom. Embrace your Inner Goddess. Silence is an ally. Mysterious power of insight speaks. Action should not be taken at this point. Be still and listen. Information revealed, but may be clouded. Urged to be patient as details present themselves. See beyond the obvious. An older woman with a hidden agenda. Be a guardian of your unconscious, give nothing away that you sense. Use practicality and good judgment. Benefits from introverted creative energy. Trust intuition. Subconscious influences becomes a guide. There is much happening beneath the surface. Possible psychic breakthrough. Secrets. Not all can be seen. Make no movement, the time is not right. Pay attention to memories or details that may have been overlooked. Mystical potential with the unknown. See beyond the veil for illusions that exist. It displays itself. Something is just beyond our reality.

Your house of Transformations is crowded with thickness Gemini, and you aren’t one who digs stuffiness. You need to be on the go, go, go… and to move past this stalled energy that challenges you early in 2013, you will need to be extra creative and quick. But seriously, who’s worried, as ‘creative and quick’ is your middle name. Jupiter will station direct in your house of Self, giving you that burst of fresh air that you seek. The Capricorn New Moon will feed from your current zest, so carefully design your next stage with what you are willing to invest. It’s a fine time to know thyself Gemini, but to also trust it, especially as the Leo Full Moon dramatizes your Communications and Short Trips. With new inspiration and popularity, you’re going the distance. To stay updated and prepared for this months cosmic influences, subscribe to my free newsletter by email.

CANCER (June 20-July 23) Knight of Swords: Negotiating with a calm approach is encouraged. Creative problem-solving with sharp thinking cam bring you a insight and a solution to an ongoing problem. Hypothetical concepts and analyzation allows you to strategize your proposal and game plan. All is crystal clear. You see past the illusions. Shrewdness with grace charms your path. Your words have much power. Less is more. Your friendly demeanor allows you to be well-liked. Information comes your way. Dare to voice your thoughts and opinions. Say what you mean. Heroism with righteous anger. Stand up for what you believe in. You are ready to communicate and step up to the plate with strong ideals and gallantry. With good character and truth, you shall triumph over opposition.

Your house of Relationships is stabilizing for you in this first month of 2013. This can be in connection with loved ones, or with yourself. Either way, it will  be a win-win Cancer, because you love better when you are in a secure environment. As Sun and Mercury increase activity in your Higher Learning, while Jupiter stations direct in your house of Karma, you are learning much about yourself, including your shadow side. The Leo Full Moon will shed light on your house of Values, so that you may understand your internal truth. Listen when your heart speaks. To stay updated and prepared for this months cosmic influences, subscribe to my free newsletter by email.


LEO (July 23-August 22) Ace of Swords: Clarity. Complete change of mind. Seeing things in a different light. Good communications. Integrity. New vision. Honestly speaking. Logic. Experiencing life from a new perspective. A hero. Seeing the world as it is. Seen as a champ. Cutting illusions to receive answers. A good leader. Truth shall set you free. Ready to communicate. Honor. Seeds of success take root. Creating intention. Good decisions made on facts, not on emotions. Prosperity. Truth is delivered. Winning. Fiery spirit. A healing takes place. A victory. The fog disappears. A birth of a new idea. Power. A new beginning awaits. Goals are reachable. Head over the heart. You pass the test. A light is turned on in your life. Great potential is available. Stronger than ever.

Your house of Work and Health are overloaded Leo, can you feel it? We all know how well you do under pressure – but if you aren’t creating balance, the pressure may start to affect you. From fatigue to stress, the earthy elements and Capricorn Full Moon are reminders to be choosey about how much you give of yourself with people and projects. Quality over quantity. Your heart is a generous one, but maybe too generous. With Saturn teaching discipline in your house of Home and Emotional Security, you may uncover deep fears for why you exert yourself. As lucky Jupiter stations direct in your house of Hopes and Wishes in the beginning of 2013, relish in the goodness as influential individuals and opportunities knock on your cosmic door. To stay updated and prepared for this months cosmic influences, subscribe to my free newsletter by email.


VIRGO (August 22-September 23) Seven of Swords: Karma. Choosing your direction. Wrestling with a balancing act. Romancing cruel intentions. Actions that contain doubt. An alternative plan is in the works. Change is unavoidable. Being a bit sneaky about your approach. Analyzation. Who’s cheating who? A desperate option. Getting ahead the best way we know how. Hurtful results because of lack of planning. Assuming strength and power at any cost. Stress. Success may cost more than you bargained for. Plans sway. Morals are weighed. Confusion. Should I, or shouldn’t I? Your actions will determine who you are. But is it kind?

Anything that is worthy, doesn’t come cheap or easy Virgo – unless you were under fabulous lucky stars. In the real world, Saturn in your house of Communications and Small Journeys is teaching you to think more responsibly – to become consciously aware in 2013. Saturn can be tough, but you will benefit from it, once you recognize your own cravings. Holding onto these attachments will only deprive you from the growth that you deserve in life. Perhaps my recent Devil tarot article for struggles may interest you. The natural flow in your house of Creativity and Love, and house of Service become jammed with planet activity. From this, you will most likely receive what you ‘need’ rather than what you ‘want’. Finding peace with balance may not be easy, but again, anything of value requires investment, appreciation, and commitment. Understanding this, you could experience some unexpected Jupiter fortune as he stations direct. Keep steady. To stay updated and prepared for this months cosmic influences, subscribe to my free newsletter by email.


LIBRA (September 23-October 22) Empress: Loved. Blessed. Protection. Behind a successful achiever is a nurturing heart. Someone watches over. Connecting with sista’s. Perfect love. Coming out of the oven. Wrapped in female energy. Fertility. Multiplication. Belly feels good. Hey girlfriend. Creative force rises. Everything is beautiful. Help arrives. Domestication. Field of dreams. Auntie love. Marriage. Partnership. Flourishing. More love. Female progress. Grandmother. Growth. Mother. Comforted by home and family. Beauty. All-american goodness. All begins to bloom. Love thyself.

You could experience a bit of an emotional breakthrough in this early month of 2013 Libra, as your house of Home and Personal Security bulks up. You generally need to be active and have life moving, but this internal load could slow down production, or bring it to a halt – especially with Saturn in your house of Money and Values. The element of earth will protect your heart, by encouraging you to ground and sit with yourself. Examine your burdens Libra, to understand what your soul truly needs. Thoughts will shift, increasing a need  for expansion and growth as Jupiter stations direct in your house of Higher Learning. Illumination from the Leo Full Moon in your house of Hopes and Wishes will release a truth that re-awakens your heart. Let love answer your prayers and touch your heart. To stay updated and prepared for this months cosmic influences, subscribe to my free newsletter by email.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21) King of Pentacles: Great wisdom. Reliable. Savvy business skills. Being rich with spiritual and material gifts. Helpful individual. Steady progression. Owning up to responsibilities. Doing the right thing. Sensual savoring found in appreciation. The no-nonsense approach. Dependability. Trust is developed. Receiving an endowment. Friendly handshake. Help comes in. Generous assistance and support. Honorable. Financial advisor. Being accountable. Integrity. What is touched, turns to gold. Being competent. Mature behavior. Knowing what is best for everyone involved. Taking care of self and others. Sharing wealth. Enjoying a successful period. Accomplishment and success. Your rewards arrive. Achievement. Good reputation. Substantial earnings. Favorable benefactor. Playing it smart. Others count on you. Good financial news.

To base direction on assumptions and suspicions can be routine for some of you Scorpios. With a handful of grounded energy placed in your house of Communications for this first month in 2013, you may find yourself relying on practical sense and actual facts. As Jupiter stations direct in your house of Transformations (along with the recent Solar Eclipse in your sign), you may rethink your decisions as opportunities seduce you with new temptations. But between your need for Scorpion power, and Saturn’s need for dominance, growth and gifts will only be distributed as you learn to respect your weaknesses, rather than be controlled by them. Love yourself totally Scorpio. To stay updated and prepared for this months cosmic influences, subscribe to my free newsletter by email.


 SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21) Eight of Wands: Important news arrives. Confirmation of quick developments. Proving intentions. Movement. Ready, set go. Rapid advancement. The timing is perfect. Work takes a better shift. Fast progress. Today is the day. Quick action. Try, try again. Travel. Green lights. Move three steps forward. Travel. What obstacles? Jumping into the fire. Bravery expands. Freedom to move in any direction. Overcome frustrations with necessary changes. Achievement. Ideas come to life. Everything is happening. Wow! Long distance jump. Rewarded with happiness. A reason to cheer. New priorities profit. Quick decisions. Celebration. Jumping ship. Removing fears. Willingness to live life. Turn of events. Get this party started. Make it happen. Live life to it’s fullest.

What was once important, could be in flux Sagittarius, as your house of Values and Money are highlighted early here in 2013. Pluto in Capricorn continues to weather the decay, to allow for healing. In your house of Karma, Saturn tests your choices, until you get it right. Things will clear up and make more sense as Sun and Mercury enter your house of Communications. Truth will be displayed with the Leo Full Moon in your house of Higher Learning, making you aware that changes are necessary to keep up with your constant need to grow. Luckily your ruler Jupiter will station direct, allowing you to take all that you have learned, to create something big and bold with it. Are your wings polished and ready for take-off? To stay updated and prepared for this months cosmic influences, subscribe to my free newsletter by email.


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19) Ten of Cups: Joy. Looking for a reason to celebrate. Faith is restored. Triumph. Love. Tears of triumph. True friendship. Contentment. Loved ones rock. Tender moments enjoyed. Money can’t buy love. Home is where the heart is. Spirituality. True wisdom. Balanced energy. Reflections of kindness. Dancing beneath the waterfall. Dreams are fulfilled. Positive feelings. Adding color to life. Peace and comfort. Love thy neighbor. Good surroundings. Family circle sealed. End to a long cycle. Showered in affection. Emotional bliss. A wish is granted. Happiness. A rainbow after the storm. Togetherness. Enjoying the simple things. Sweet endearments. Radiant light flows.

There’s nothing you love more than having a large family, with plenty of friends, and the finer things in life around you Capricorn. In this first month of 2013, you may most likely get your wish, as your house of Self is gorged with Sun, Mercury, Pluto, and the New Moon. You get the grounding leverage that you need, while your ruler Saturn keeps you practical in your house of Hopes and Wishes. Venus, the ruler of love and money, drops from the careless hands of Sagittarius, and conveniently falls into yours. ‘What you gonna do with all that junk’? With Jupiter about to station direct in your House of Service, you’re seeing dollar signs, and ready to get down to business. To stay updated and prepared for this months cosmic influences, subscribe to my free newsletter by email. Grab your ‘happy birthday minutes’ here.


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Cancer Full Moon, My Love Has OverFloweth, Astrology for December 28, 2012

Image Credit: Google Images

Image Credit: Google Images

While intentions from the Sagittarius New Moon have been in the making over the past two weeks, raw emotions have also been intensifying. What we had hoped to accomplish, reaches its full potential through a new light in today’s Full Moon. Like the nurturing parent who uses the hall light to check-in on a sleeping child, the Full Moon Goddess eagerly rises this morning, to check-in and bless us with her sacred light. And in this light, holds truth, with answers that we’ve been searching for. The Full Moon encourages all to be released, so that it may come front stage, and shine in its glorious beauty. What had been mysterious, unknown, avoided, or kept in the dark… sparkles in lunar illumination, in it’s truest form. We now have all that we need, in order to create balance, based on truth.

Honest hearts produce honest actions. Brigham Young

With the Full Goddess Moon in her natural home of Cancer, we are seeking to experience the power of compassion. A yearning for unconditional love ripens to it’s fullest, so that it may release itself. What we may have thought was hidden and tucked safely away in our deepest, darkest shadows, may become threatened. The light dares to bare our soul under this cosmic influence. Our inner tranquility is disturbed, as vulnerabilities to love and painful sufferings begin to surface. Overwhelmed emotions can break free like a wild river, causing the skin to sweat, body parts to become moist, and tears to cleanse.

With an opposition to transformative Pluto, and trine to Saturn/Neptune, we may find ourselves heavily flooded in a dream, or a storm of memories and past experiences that blind the road that we’re one. With the maternal Cancer Moon (mother) in opposition with the paternal Capricorn Sun (father), a need for emotional security and foundation are heavily stirred. This will naturally trigger maternal instincts into action, so that we may nurture and protect from unkind sources. And with Uranus Direct, and Mars in Aquarius, we can either fight for the skin of our own bottom, or fight for a bigger cause that promises peace and unity for all.

If someone comes along and shoots an arrow into your heart, it’s fruitless to stand there and yell at the person. It would be much better to turn your attention to the fact that there’s an arrow in your heart. Pema Chödrön

Only by facing the light and what we are internally struggling with, can we take control of the steering wheel.. to create balance and to love. Vibrations are filled with complete love and sensitivity, to super charge intuitive senses and gut responses. Iit will feel quiet natural to want to purify ourselves and surroundings, to build personal power. But to determine the results on this powerful day, we need to listen to the voice in our heart, and to choose the emotional experience that we want to give birth to.

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Mars enters Aquarius, Brutal Winds in Friendly Skies, Astrology for December 25, 2012, Christmas

weelogoOur recent movements through life were to be more structured and thorough during the past weeks with Mars in responsible Capricorn. Today on Christmas Day, we’re ready to break some rules and leap out of bounds as Mars (energy, actions) enters individualist Aquarius. It is the time to go out and make life happen, leaving tradition behind. Experience dreams and happiness by stepping outside the box. This fixed energy will keep us focused in the next four weeks to rebel against our normal circle and regular routines, to make more out of life.

With Mars in this airy element, it is suggested to spread ourselves more toward others, into larger groups while creating new friends… to utilize the power of communications and socializing, to relate with people on a higher level. It’s about taking on a new perspective, and making a major positive impact. Aquarius is the humanitarian, and Mars is the hero. Put these vibrations together, and you will understand that we as individuals CAN make a real difference, in our own lives – but more so, in the lives of others. It’s magical energy added to this special day, and to this season of giving. Ask for nothing in return, and simply offer a gift of love with a kind act. It’s the thought that counts. Share gifted presents, cards, and phone calls with loved ones, but remember your lonely elderly neighbor, and a stranger that you pass by.

Experience more joy in giving, rather than in receiving. Have gratitude in detachment. For when we form attachments with material ‘things’ and possessions, we can assume that this is where true happiness is. Eventually, when what we already have is not making us happy, we want more… which develops into materialism which feeds insecurities, greed, obsessions, feelings of power – recently described in my tarot post about meaning behind The Devil. As we let go of our own desires and extend our heart to another, we  allow our ego to transcend into light altruistic wings of an angel. And the more we give, the more we receive.. because a heart that is filled with love can never go empty.

On the flip side, know that the winds of change are upon us, and they can be fierce, direct, and merciless. We can force ourselves against their strengths just to scratch at locked doors, or we can flow with the breeze and see where new powerful gusts take us. The weather may be surprising brutal, but the truth in our actions may just as cruel as freedom is sought from ‘normal’ behavior. As in the title I used ‘Brutal Winds in Friendly Skies’, things may appear to be going fine, then all of a sudden we hit a bump or two – which can create a frenzy, put us in a panic, and force us to react out of fear. Or we can release the fear and sit calmly until the bumpy ride is over. How we choose to react in the weeks ahead, will affect the final outcome considerably.

Where work or relationship struggles exist – make a difference by strolling through an alternate route, sprinkling YOUR unexpected kindness along the way. Display the gentle truth that lies within. Do something big. Do something right. Do something humane and decent from the heart, that no one would expect. Then let it go. Hold onto nothing, and let it fly away freely… as if it were a dove from the heavens. Appreciate the opportunity to experience something positive. One nice gesture costs nothing. Pay it forward. Create distance from worn-out routine. Love. Grow. Learn something new about yourself.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” Oscar Wilde

May you and yours, experience this special day in a quiet light that is loving, peaceful, and blessed.

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Sun enters Capricorn, Ambitions Brought to Life, The Devil Tarot, Winter Solstice, Astrology for December 21, 2012

The Devil TarotFor the past few weeks, the Sun has been busy energizing the adventurous side of our personality. Through the Sagittarius Sun, we have had the opportunity to find the strength to step out from limited boundaries, to break free from restrictive dead-end roads, so that we may journey toward new directions. Today the Sun will take a new turn, entering into purposeful Capricorn for the next four weeks. Our powered self becomes vitalized, with much potential to shine. So that we gain more control of the life that we are leading, our determination to work and succeed takes on a brand new light.

All that has been experienced in the past weeks to obtain more space and freedom, help us to build a new and stronger inner structure. Areas that benefit the most from these particular vibrations are where we might hold the most status, or where our reputation counts the most. Favorable targets to invest our efforts include: career, jobs, family, parenting skills, superiors, social power, government, politicians, finances, savings, home, property, protection, and the integrity of our ‘good name’ and what we stand for.

The Capricorn Sun shines brightly, to help us see where order is most needed. We’re encouraged to weed through our resources, to organize our priorities, so that we may achieve what matters most. But just as this healing light can promise to show us the way, it will take much work on our end, to prove we deserve this. To add to matters, this light will seep into our most darkest shadows and secrets, to display what we’ve avoided, or hoped to conceal. No matter what is received, understand that the Capricorn Sun forms sturdier framework to enhance growth.

Amateurs hope, professionals work. Garson Kanin

The Devil card in the tarot is associated with Capricorn. We can invest a lot of our time, energy, and even money into what we consider our treasure, or supposed sense of happiness. This could revolve around a high-powered job status, a serious relationship, a professional business plan, or maybe a financial commitment to major possessions. Without careful thought as to what we are actually building with our sacred investments, we can eventually find ourselves trapped in our own little empire of ‘happiness’. Then as months turned into years, what had once brought us joy, eventually transformed into an obsession, that molded itself from fear. This would have developed when we felt threatened of losing what was ours, that we felt it was necessary to hold on even tighter. And in a tricky way, we are left to assume that we’ve been holding onto our happiness, when in reality, we’ve been grasping onto our fear.

When the Devil appears, we are shown that time is being wasted. Life that has passed us by is the proof. The Devil’s treasure has cleverly mesmerized us with ‘happy’ choices, although we’ve been separated ourselves from reality and loved ones. We have lost sight as to what truly matters, and what we hold onto, weighs mighty heavy on us. This burden causes us to sink deeper into ourselves, and into the hell that we’ve chosen. A thick, dark, thick cloud manifests from greed, jealously, or anger, blocks us from seeing the exit door.

Hell is a place, a time, a consciousness, in which there is no love. Richard Bach

When the Devil reveals himself, we should ask ourselves, ‘is it happiness that I am holding onto’? And although it may be a bit scary, his appearance represents an unhealthy relationship that we’ve created, to avoid the inevitable. This could be a toxic connect with an addiction to alcohol, drugs, or food, as well as to a person, status, power, an emotion, sex, or even a lie. Whatever treasure we’ve agreed to involve ourselves with, and sell our soul for, becomes an attachment that is disguised as happiness. In return, this feeds into our obsession and dependency, which deprives us from our true power and self-control.

Should the Devil flaunt himself in the weeks ahead, know that he needs our fears in order to feed. If we look away and turn toward another direction, we’ll be tormented by our shadows. As the Sun enters Capricorn this morning, light will be delivered to the darkest day of the year, the Winter Solstice. Light can also make our darkest nightmares disappear, when we courageously face what has been dominating us. Embrace the truth, Shine your light.

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Tarot artwork from ©1991 Robin Wood Used with Permission.

Cosmic Dirt Astrology, Braving New Heights, Sagittarius New Moon, Uranus Direct, Mercury and Venus enter Sagittarius

As the cosmos flow into a new position this week, Our current direction will most likely shift right along with the movement. As above, So below. Life is in constant change, so it’s to our advantage when we learn how to flow right along with its waves. With that, and being the end of the year, I thought that I might experiment and try a ‘weekly’ post.

This week’s shift begins on Monday, as Mercury (our thoughts and communications) charge into the wide open fields of Sagittarius. In this realm, our inner world holds great windows to allow us to preview the remarkable places that we could find great space and freedom in the next three weeks ahead. Our imagination would be our only limitation.

Mercury and Sagittarius are usually ‘in the know’, because they need ‘forward movement’, which requires flexibility. With Mercury in Sagittarius, our mind quickly drifts from the stagnant cobwebs that are contained in boredom. When we mentally step outside of ourselves – out from our comfort zone – we can see life much more clearly. Mercury in Sagittarius encourages us to look for bigger and better information, so that we can ‘find a way out’, and most likely broadcast (or brag) about our latest adventure. But first, we must escape these mental boundaries that we have placed upon ourselves. As an example; If you have imagined and told yourself that you were ‘trapped and helpless’ in a recent situation.. then yes, you were absolutely right. How we normally would process information, will hold new chances to help us break free from the routine(s) that we tend to rely on. Here is where we seek truth and the meaning of our life experiences.

As our vision changes, our attitude and position will slowly follow. As our thoughts find that there is more room to run and play, we can bravely begin think more positively – which opens doors of possibilities and potentials – for this is where REAL life changes can truly manifest.

Communications will extend itself generously with Mercury in the fast-lane of Sagittarius. Not just our thoughts, but also the words we speak. This can be beneficial in sharing information and knowledge in business, with promotions, publications, writing, legal work, meetings, speeches, as well as in travel, learning new languages, and spiritual journeys. This energy is obviously high-paced and galloping wildly into many directions. Mercury in Sagittarius is at an expansive and happy place, while caught burning the candle at both ends. We can be thinking much more like the party animal Sagittarius, so if we lose control of our thoughts under this three week cycle, we may suffer from burn out, with impatience, loss of sleep, party hangovers, anxiety, and insomnia. We’ll also need to keep tight reins on our tongue, as we can have much more to say under this cycle, where we can lean toward casual gossip, over-explanation, telling dramatic stories, speaking bluntly and saying our truth – without thinking it out first.

Karma is not something complicated or philosophical. Karma means watching your body, watching your mouth, and watching your mind. Trying to keep these three doors as pure as possible is the practice of karma.- Lama Thubten Yeshe

Venus will join Mercury and Sun in Sagittarius on Saturday. Venus (our values, love, and money) isn’t afraid to enjoy herself, and in joyous Sagittarius, we can find ourselves being much more appreciative of opportunities that come our way – no matter how big or small. In the house of super-generous Sagittarius, we’ll tend to share much more of ourselves with others. ‘Mi casa es su casa’. ‘What’s mine, is yours’. Venus in lucky Sagittarius allows for new doors to open in areas of love and relationships. Hearts are open wide. Possibilities open wide for our money too. What comes in, goes out just as quickly if we aren’t careful as wallets open wide. Use gratitude and take nothing for granted with these small blessings from the skies.

During the next four weeks, enjoy love and gifts without any expectations, as it can be a very confusing time for some. Venus in Sagittarius shares love and good times in one moment, but can be gone in the flick of an eye. Why? Well first, because Sagittarius is easily distracted to whats fun and happening in the moment. This isn’t a time to heavily attach, to create rules, or to fenced anyone in – cause it just ain’t going to happen. It’s more like ‘let’s see what’s free and available on the buffet table’, if you catch my drift. If you are in a relationship, you can benefit more by playing hard to get and being the tease. But not for too long. Live for the moment, and just have fun. And remember, if you set it free and it returns, well… then know that actions speak in volumes.

Venus in Sagittarius can also have us craving for much more than what we are receiving. While some of us may think that it’s about the bling, or the time and energy.. we may still find ourselves unsatisfied. While it’s the thought that counts, our ‘fair share’ is in BIG demand. In other words, we want to learn ::insert spooky music here::: the truth. We are more hungry for the knowledge that is hidden ‘behind’ the gift. You know, like ‘does this mean that we are growing together toward a happy place’? On that subject, beware of jumping to conclusions with Mercury in Sagittarius. Assumptions get you nowhere. Instead, listen well, for there is much to learn on this exciting road. Just love today, as if there is no tomorrow.

The bridge that we choose to cross will be a bit wobbly this week as Neptune’s heavy fog blankets over Mercury and Venus. Our view up ahead will be limited with a dream-like mist. Not a bad thing though, as this will force us to use our other senses – so that we can learn to trust ourselves much better.

As Moon and Sun harmonize divinely in Sagittarius, a New Moon rises on Thursday morning. This is powerful timing as it starts the beginning of a new emotional cycle. As we’ve been slowly releasing, our heart (Moon) and spirit (Sun) have been coming together as one. So even though we can become a little more tired and reserved during the Dark Moon, it is considered to be the ideal time to make wishes and to set new intentions for the New Moon – as we can utilize this quiet energy by pulling inward – to reach our most inner core. In this center, is the calling of our deepest and most private desires. To benefit the most from the seeds that we are about to plant, New Moon intentions should revolve around that which is ruled under Sagittarius, such as: adventures, laughter, travel, religion, divinity, spirituality, philosophy, law, publications, chance, sales, education, books, teaching, foreign affairs, sports, vision, learning, knowledge, fun, movement, optimism, volunteering, good samaritans, gurus, and reaching outside of ourselves. But like a good poker player that Sagittarius can be, we can enjoy the game and good fortune that will be found, but we must also know when to fold our cards and walk away while we’re ahead – if we hope to stay ahead of the game.

Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody. Mark Twain

Then in a few short hours after the New Moon positions herself, Uranus will finally station direct, after five interesting months in retrograde. Life and situations that were stalled back in the summer, so that we could stop in our tracks, to take a good look inside of ourselves – so that our truth could reveal our true direction. In these months under Uranus retrograde, we were to spend time rediscovering who we are, and I mean who we REALLY are, and what to become. It was all about finding and knowing our truth, based on the person that we are. During this inner journey, if we had done our homework, this gift of knowledge would allow us to redesign ourselves into the person that we are meant to be.

As Uranus begins to slowly shift in the weeks ahead, pressures can begin to ease as life moves forward again. Uranus is the Awakener, but also the winner of awards for stirring chaos, change, and freedom for individuality. We’ll be faced with situations that awake us from the sleep/blur we’ve been under. We may want to ask ourselves about our decisions, which will create a force of change. This can cause calamity, yet at the same time be the ‘right’ thing – whether we care to admit it or not.

To add the icing on the cake, the Geminids Meteor shower will light up Thursday’s nightsky. But the one thing that can be safely said, is that movement is the keyword, which will have some major impact from the recent eclipses. We could also see more earth activity as things shift, so you may have an interest in reading about emergency preparation, the solar systems alignment, and my own intuitive tremor logs. It all generally adds up to change in the way we’ve been doing things, and the one thing that you will always get from Uranus, is the truth. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to fly with all the baggage you’ve been carrying – to sport off your new colors.

Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Starcana Tarot, Uranus Direct AstrologyI pulled a few cards to see what I might share that may be of importance with this article… and I received three reversed cards: PagePentaclesrx, Deathrx, and AceWandsrx. This particular draw suggests that there will those who will still continue to struggle with this shift, because of what they have failed to learn. Desperation may develop, as they strain to grasp onto what doesn’t belong to them. Without doing the necessary homework, a lot of wasted time and energy can cause them to run out of gas, from running into circles. Therefore, reaching the goal or destination will be limited, which will give some permission to fall back into the same old routine.

If this happens to sound familiar, then I suggest that you figure out what you are truly trying to hold onto, and then ask yourself why it is so important to make it yours. Because when push comes to shove, it doesn’t appear that your hard work is generating enough positive results for you… meaning that you may be much more open and ready for the change that is calling, than you originally thought.

This week’s affirmation: I’m having fun and exploring my options.

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Suzi Dronzek, intuitive tarot astrologer, creatively writes Cosmic Dirt, and also provides phone/email readings with guidance. Available Monday thru Friday, 10am-7pm EST. Phone: (724) 832-9283. ©1995-2012 Starcana, Inc. All rights reserved. Entertainment only 18+

©1995 Robin Wood Tarot, All rights reserved. Used with Permission.

December 2012 Tarotscope, Horoscope Twist of Astrology and Tarot for Zodiac Signs

Starcana Tarotscope, Tarotscopes Horoscopes, a twist of astrology and the tarot.Starcana Tarotscopes are a horoscope twist of astrology and tarot for your zodiac sign. This includes a general tarot card interpretation for the month, along with a solar horoscope. For something more personalized, consider a professional session that is customized to your specific energy and situation. You may also do some self-service using your birth chart information, with my three card spread:

  1. 1) First Card: Use your Ascendant, to explain what you already know.
  2. 2) Second Card: Use your Moon sign, to understand what is challenging you.
  3. 3) Third Card: Use your Sun sign, to know what is generally being created.

If you’d like a birth chart, I provide charts with personality and transit reports


Happy Birthday! CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19) Page of Pentacles: Delivery of personal news. Being careful in your direction. Opportunity to move forward. Fresh direction. Scholar. Thoughts and action become reality. Propositions come your way. A gift or message. Favorable journey. Deep concentration. You’re adapting. Education.  Becoming useful to yourself. Going back to school. Taking some refresher courses. You’re ready to start over. Being choosey. Learning something new. Extending your knowledge and abilities. Preparing to become something more that you are. Rewards.  Dedication and hard work increase progress. Making mature decisions. Practical and careful decisions. Preparing for the future. Leaving an unproductive period behind. Thrifty. Patience is on your side. It is time to go forward. Persistence is the key. Studying. Practice makes perfect.

Your strengths and weaknesses will be much more visible this month Capricorn, as Sun and Mercury both join Pluto in your solar house of Identity. Those you surround yourself with, could help you to decipher which is which. Saturn takes it upon himself to build stronger foundations in your house of Friendships, Hopes, and Wishes. Mars will enter your house of Values, where you will pave some brand new roads in the areas that you choose to improve, leaving the rest behind. You’re ready to color outside the lines again, don’t waste it. If you’d like to know more as Uranus turns life upside down (or right side up), while Mars heats up our social scene, subscribe to my writings with the latest cosmic dirt.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18) Ten of Swords: Closure. Realization. Something new coming in. Truth sets us free. Ruin. Winded. Passing success. Mental anguish. Exhaustion. Becoming aware. Minimal improvement. Sadness. Hash words.. Pain. Almost. So close. See circumstances from a different side of the table. An ending. Disappointment. Giving up more than bargained for. Grief. Answer is not what we expected. Feeling the pain from a loss. It is over. The end. The worst is finished. Puzzled with confusion. Tears. What happens when one assumes. Mistakes from lack of research. Hard facts. Grand finale. Breaking free.

Your ruler Uranus stations direct this month Aquarius, and this particular shift will finally allow you to exhale and move forward in the way that is most important to you. Rattling your house of Communications, this will activate new ways to learn, connect, socialize, and journey. You are prepared to share what you’ve discovered in your own walk of life in the past few months. Like fireball Mars (who enters your house of Identity), your energy is ready to light up the world and make things happen. Yes, you are expanding into bigger and better places – and you fit in perfectly. If you’d like to know more as Uranus turns life upside down (or right side up), while Mars heats up our social scene, subscribe to my writings with the latest cosmic dirt.


PISCES (February 19-March 20) Queen of Pentacles: Prosperity. Blessings. Common sense. A female with a good head on her shoulders. Healthy. Trust and self-respect. Supportive and willing to bend. Well-being. Centered. In-tune with nature. Luxury. Surrounded with nice thing. Magnificence. Opportunity for growth. Holding on to what we earned. Ability to give and take. Generosity. Extreme comfort. A mountain of goodness. Loving. Security. Being at a good place. Mother nature. Possible new job, or additional money coming in. Full of wisdom. Rewarded for good decisions. Spiritual. Respect for time, money, and energy. Wealthy and richness in all areas. Noble and honorable soul. Calmness. Lessons learned from the past. You choose to do no wrong. Completely aware.

Uranus will station direct in your house of Values this month Pisces, and you may find yourself awakened to the world that you have settled into. Jupiter has been helping you to find the real meaning behind your happiness  during his retrograde through your house of Creativity. Saturn continues to transit your house of Higher Learning, to impact your direction with meaningful life lessons, from a good dose of reality. Your house of Karma is energized as Mars finds a way plow through restricted detours, that bring you back to the life that you desire. You’re designing new blueprints that allow you to swim to higher waters, and you get the recognition that you’ve been seeking. If you’d like to know more as Uranus turns life upside down (or right side up), while Mars heats up our social scene, subscribe to my writings with the latest cosmic dirt.


ARIES (March 21-April 19) Three of Pentacles: Planning. Craftsmanship. Financial opportunity. Professional growth. Making a hobby profitable. Proving intentions. Artistic ability. Success from what comes natural. Recognition due. Gifted effort. Talent. Things are starting to come together. Skills. Answering our calling. Niche. Abilities rewarded. Business opportunities. Communicating something powerful. Words make sense. Writing flows beautifully. Proof that you mean business. Achievement. Spiritual growth. Prospering from handmade items. Rank improves. Seniority. Moving up the ladder. Obsessed with detail. Holding onto ours. Power increases. Every step counts. Competent strategy. Home business. Dependent on approval. Designing the perfect setting. Material gain. Getting together with like-minded people. Grounded. Having the know-how to structure a masterpiece. Aware of time.

For the past months, you’ve been changing on the inside Aries. Now that Uranus stations direct this month, you’ll be able to change the world that you live in. As you trust what you’ve been striving for, your true inner beauty will rise and sparkle. Old patterns and mistakes are important ingredients that have created the magnificent you, but with Neptune forming a fog in your house of Karma, you may still need to fumble your way around to understand and accept this. You are learning how to relieve yourself of the pressures that you cause for yourself, while creating better relationships with those around you. If you’d like to know more as Uranus turns life upside down (or right side up), while Mars heats up our social scene, subscribe to my writings with the latest cosmic dirt.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Six of Swords: Experiencing peaceful negotiations. Moving past difficulties by reaching a new understanding. Grateful for this new sense of calm and understanding. A fresh direction. All is crystal clear. Conscious, aware, and careful approach. A brand new perspective. Thoughts shift. Traveling over gentle waters. Walking gently over eggshells. Information and truth is received that allows flow. Caution using words of expression. Friendliness and good communications. Possible journey. Change in course. Troubles left behind. Positive thoughts.

Mars powers up your house of Career, that can put you and your public status into speedy recovery. You are definitely going places Taurus. The Sun, Mercury, and Pluto activate your House of Higher Learning and Journeys – and you only need to trust what you have learned, to reach new and improved levels. As Saturn settles himself into your house of Relationships, a heaviness in the connections that you keep may feel a bit serious and limiting, as you want to charge boldly ahead. Allow yourself to bend halfway instead, as the heaviness you experience, is the gravity that will keep you grounded. If you’d like to know more as Uranus turns life upside down (or right side up), while Mars heats up our social scene, subscribe to my writings with the latest cosmic dirt.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20)  Ace of Cups: A beginning of an artistic endeavor or creative project is coming into realization. New love awaits. You are emotionally becoming available to others again. Overflowing with an abundance of inner joy. Beauty. Harmony. Everything is in-sync. Self-love. Allowing yourself to be creatively expressive. Great healing. Nurturing our inner self. Fidelity and trust is revived. A gift from God. Your positive outlook returns, and hope arrives when you most need. Happiness has found you. You are in-tune with your spirituality or belief system. You lend (or receive) a helping hand that is creating a magical bond. You are entering a fresh emotional cycle with an opportunity for a brand new start. A new friend is added to your circle. Love is the word.

‘Another day, Another dollar’ may be your motto as Saturn secures productivity in your House of Work and Service. You’re quite the busy bee Gemini, and with Mars burning fuel in your house of Higher Learning, there’s no doubt that you may be burning the candle at both ends in order to conquer your dreams. Uranus stations direct in your Hopes and Wishes, which can allow new and exciting aspirations to explode into places you’ve never thought possible. New changes are on the horizon with Sun, Mercury, and Pluto in your house of Transformations. Your beauty reaches into new depths. If you’d like to know more as Uranus turns life upside down (or right side up), while Mars heats up our social scene, subscribe to my writings with the latest cosmic dirt.


CANCER (June 20-July 23) Three of Cups: Healing energy. Harmony. Good fortune is upon you. Artistic expression. Support. Creative expressions. Connected to others. Experience love. Friendly compromise. Happiness. Approval from a social circle. Singing a song. Coming to a full circle. Relief. Happy ending. Fortunate results. Spirit dances. A female coven. Trust is developed. A bond is created. Rituals. Prayers. Overcoming obstacles. Celebration. Blood is thicker than water. receiving an invitation. Joy. Fulfillment. Old souls unite. Sweet talk. Friendship is born. Stagnation ends. Spiritual abundance. Networking. An open-mind flows. Enjoy the ride.

You’re illuminated in magic as this month’s Full Moon helps you to strike a pose Cancer. The Moon is your ruler, and she casts her light into your house of Identity and First Impressions. Sensitivities can be highly increased as secret shadows and intentions are being sought out. Your house of Relationships generates much activity and is in transition with Sun, Mercury, and spiritual Pluto. Healing takes on a new meaning as Neptune floods your house of Higher Learning with compassion and forgiveness. Self-knowledge will unfold new paths that await your arrival. Reflect and dream much, to encourage magical fantasies to float and manifest on the surface. If you’d like to know more as Uranus turns life upside down (or right side up), while Mars heats up our social scene, subscribe to my writings with the latest cosmic dirt.


LEO(July 23-August 22) Nine of Swords: Choosing solitude. Paranoia. Darkness falls upon us. Afraid of the night. Nightmare. Making your own misery. Too many thoughts. Living a nightmare that exists in your mind. Feeling threatened. A cycle about to close. Fears become overbearing, forcing us to react. Worries over tomorrow overwhelm us. Afraid of being revealed. Sleep deteriorates. Agitation. Criticized. Secrets do not become you. Hiding in darkness. Negativity cloaks us. Trouble. Being judged. Past mistakes haunt us. Seclusion. Waiting for the worst to happen. Cowardly behavior. Unreliable. Embarrassment. Endless suffering creates self-entrapment. We creating what we think. Unable to separate nightmares from reality. Afraid of being judged. Worried what others think.

Shocking revelations require a quick and open mind. To endure this new shift as Uranus stations direct in your House of Higher Learning, you may have to rely on totally different people and a possible change in scenery, to communicate with others on an intellectual level. As the Full Moon glows in your house of Self-Undoing later this month, skeletons that were thought to be buried, begin to uncover themselves. You may find yourself taking drastic measure in handling things better as Sun, Mercury, and Pluto enhance your intuition and natural instincts. As more comes to light for you, light reveals new knowledge, and we all know that knowledge is power. Use your strength responsibly. Help yourself, but also help others to help themselves. If you’d like to know more as Uranus turns life upside down (or right side up), while Mars heats up our social scene, subscribe to my writings with the latest cosmic dirt.


VIRGO (August 22-September 23) Four of Wands: The wheel is turning again. Celebration. Good structure. Fruits of labor. Enjoying the good life. Possible romance. Rest. Hard work pays off. Loyalty. Home is where the heart is. Trying and succeeding. Defending and protecting what’s right. Super hero. A happy workplace. What to do with all this energy? Coming to the rescue. Good intentions come from a strong heart. Harmony. Possible promotion. A fire still burns. Satisfaction. Harvest. Powerful love. A happy home. Liking who you are becoming. Contained within your own positive world. Passion is contained. Settling an old score. Pride and honor. A wedding. Secluded and happy. Strong barriers. Display of commitment. Looking for a new home. Receiving an invitation. Walls of love. Building a new resting stop. Being a good neighbor. Cycle completed and moving on to next project. Prosperity. Happy organization. Blessings. Great heart. relying on your own light.

Saturn is solidifying the way your transmit information as he travels through your house of Communications. It may be frustrating as the pace of processing information begins to slows down for you Virgo, but this will still give you the opportunity to think before speaking – so that you may say exactly what you mean. In many ways, this will also allow you to become a little kinder to yourself, especially as Venus enters your house of Family and Security. As you become more appreciative of your true self, the more you will attract in what you deserve. The Full Moon shines her truth at the end of this month in your your house of Friends, Hopes, and Wishes. Some rules are about to change, which are about to leave you feeling more happier than normal. I may also be confirming what you already we waiting for. If you’d like to know more as Uranus turns life upside down (or right side up), while Mars heats up our social scene, subscribe to my writings with the latest cosmic dirt.


LIBRA (September 23-October 22) King of Cups: It’s time to listen to your intuition. Creative expression should be used. You don’t need to try so hard now. Step back and allow unseen forces to find you. Trust your heart. A new sense of happiness approaches you. Forgiveness is your friend. This is a quieter period for you, so relax and release the need to control it. See what happens. Your greatest gift comes from listening well. Experience compassion. Love is in the air. A gentle approach helps you to become closer to what you are seeking. You are letting your guard down and becoming inviting. You may decide to pursue a new artistic project. Use up the flood of emotions by doing something creative with it. Daydream, and allow yourself to imagine possibilities. Your heart is opening. Consideration and tolerance is quiet power. Love is the key. Add color to your life.

Something quivers deep down within you Libra, as Sun and Mercury join Pluto in your house of Security. What you may have understood at one point, begins to weather as new insight begins to generate, now that Saturn has left your sign after two years. Although you may be aware of changes that need to take place, you may also try to play on both sides of the fence – just to stay safe. With Venus entering your house of Communications, making decisions can be a bit more difficult than usual, but your charm is beautifully enhanced, sweetening choices, deals and agreements. Mars will pushes his way into your House of Creativity, and the bold moves that you risk to chase love and life have never felt so exciting. Sprinkle your sugar everywhere and enjoy what it delivers. If you’d like to know more as Uranus turns life upside down (or right side up), while Mars heats up our social scene, subscribe to my writings with the latest cosmic dirt.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21) Page of Swords: Putting your thought into a new activity. Spirit of learning. You are ready to make a brave decision. Wisdom based on experience. Seeing life in a different perspective. Use logic and reason. Vigilance. Clever thinking. Research the facts. The power of knowledge. Insight. Keen vision. Keep your eyes and ears wide open. Be aware. Communicating plans and thoughts. A time to collect the facts before taking action. You may appear to be dominant or a know-it-all. Commanding. Heroism. Skilled. Almost ready for action. A service done in secret, lacks the need for applaud. Youth-like strategy. Fresh ideas. Keeping a careful watch out for possible dangers or problems. Have a good attitude. Get the proof to cut through the illusions. Ask questions. Be ready for challenges and conflict. Stay objective. Be ready to be tested. stay alert. Research details. Study. Stand up for yourself. Honesty sets high standards. You’re fighting for your integrity. Be prepared with proof. The truth shall set you free.

The way you have been handling life and relationships is slowly transforming Scorpio, especially with heavy Saturn now in your sign. Old patterns pass, so that new directions can materialize. As Mars energizes your house of Family and Emotional Security, you may be ready to meet others halfway, to get your needs met. Uranus stations direct in your house of Work and Service, changing the way you put yourself ‘out there’ for others. You seem quite ready to boost some new energy into what has become routine lately, finding new ways to spark inspiration. You may also decide to shift jobs and try something new, which isn’t always easy for your fixed energy. But anything that supplies temptations that seduce your dark taste buds will always score the big points. If you’d like to know more as Uranus turns life upside down (or right side up), while Mars heats up our social scene, subscribe to my writings with the latest cosmic dirt.


 SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21) The Hanged Man: All is on hold. A transition is taking place. Nothing is moving forward nor backwards. Life stops temporarily. Temporarily in suspension. Boredom. Spiritual awakening. Having plenty of time to think. Ready to let go. Life has been turned upside down. Passive behavior. Readjustment. Sacrificing, in order to move forward. A cleansing. All is totally out of your hands. Having the ability to see from a different perspective. Waiting to see what will happen. Regeneration. Rebuilding because of insight. Healing. At peace with the situation and with yourself. Trust in higher sources. Feeling reborn.

There’s a fine balance happening as your ruler Jupiter continues to retrograde your house of Relationships. Giving back to yourself doesn’t feel natural, since you are always so charitable with all that you have.. but it seems to be doing the trick as you replenish the goodness that you usually give away. Venus enters your house of Identity, that temporarily softens your heavy warrior uniform. Venus wants to help, decorating you with something more artsy, making you that much more approachable and attractive. But as Mars enters your house of Communications later this month, your blunt approach may be a bit too rough around the edges, which can get you back into hot water on the Full Moon. It’s your time to shine as a class Sagittarius, just accept it and enjoy it. If you’d like to know more as Uranus turns life upside down (or right side up), while Mars heats up our social scene, subscribe to my writings with the latest cosmic dirt.

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