Starcana Cosmic Dirt ⭐️ Weekly Energy Forecast

Connecting and Becoming One

Sun (identity, ego) exits from detached Aquarius on Tuesday February 18, and moves into dreamy Pisces for the next four weeks. Experiences that may have become unusually frigid and/or distant during the past month, will mysteriously blend into something more sensitive, accepting and healing with Sun in Pisces. Adding a little more ‘yes’ with a lot less ’no’ in the reflective weeks ahead - we have the ability to finally release a toxic chapter from our life. With the help of Mercury retrograde, we can learn how to surrender to the flow of crystal clear waters once again - where visions, inspirations and healing tend to happen. The excellency of every art is its intensity, capable of making all disagreeable evaporate. John Keats Flood … [Read More...]

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