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Unleashing Your Inner Gypsy | Astrology Horoscope

Sagittarius Full Moon. As an intense Scorpio Moon on Monday May 28 starts off our new week; deep, dark needs that are stemming from the weekend will continue to rise to the surface. A strong urge has been building; to release and let go of what we've been trying to hold and control. As we experience our own sensitivities and uncomfortableness as intentions from the Taurus New Moon peak; what we haven't been consciously aware of, will finally burst and come into light under the Sagittarius Full Moon on Tuesday May 29. Dreams are like rainbows. Only idiots chase them. Larry Kersten The Full Moon will offer us an opportunity to be present, in the spotlight and front stage - in all our glory. Adjustment will be required though, as the lunar … [Read More...]

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