Cosmic Dirt Astrology, August 19, 2012

There are no aspects today, which allows us to do as we will. If  busy thoughts get the best of us, worries will distract us from our duties and day. The Virgo Moon encourages us to stay busy, and to create inner peace and perfection. ‘Acceptance of others, their looks, their behaviors, their beliefs, bring you an inner peace and tranquillity, instead of anger and resentment’. Tarot insight [TwoWands/SixSwordsrx] Do it anyway.

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About Suzi Dronzek

As a wildflower & artist with an old soul; I sprouted into a mystic business owner, intuitive reader, life guide & wise woman of Starcana, Inc. Through readings, soulful guidance & a cosmic forecast; I work with energy, astrology, tarot & divine tools to help others & to add spark back into the world.