Cosmic Dirt Astrology, June 5 2012, Love Thyself, Sun conjunct Venus

The fiery heat from the past few days begins to reside this morning, as Moon enters unshakable Capricorn. We are able to take sensitivities and use them as tools to get the job done. Perhaps those who have experienced untamed emotions from the recent solar and lunar eclipse energy, will find this time to ground as some relief.

A rare cosmic transit that most of us won’t ever get to experience again in our lifetime, will happen as Venus passes between Earth and Sun, appearing as a small dot on the Sun. As Sun conjunct Venus the Love Goddess, we are hungry for togetherness, whether this be the search of a perfect partner, or a longing for someone that we have lost touch with. The mutable energy that exists now is high, suggesting efforts of contact and reach out to one another through various forms of communication. The Sun is powerful and revitalizing. As his healing rays of light gently touch Venus (values, love, money), true love is exposed in it’s purest form. I find this to be very important for each of us as individuals, to open up to this energy. Allow your true nature of love to shine and love others, and more importantly, to love thyself. “You must love yourself before you love another. By accepting yourself and fully being what you are, your simple presence can make others happy.” Daily Tarot: Justice, Eight of Pentacles rx:  Restore inner harmony.

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About Suzi Dronzek

As a sensitive old soul, artistic wildflower, wandering hermit and practical mystic; my heart has forever been enchanted with astrology, tarot, life, cosmos, nature & the divine. I'm of service to help others, working as an intuitive life consultant, soulful reader, spiritual advisor & mystic business owner of Starcana, Inc. From readings, advice, guidance & cosmic forecasts, I add magick back into the world; by setting brave hearts on fire.


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  2. […] part of yesterdays post for June 5, this post is in honor of each of our own female energy (yin), the feminine Goddess, and our Great […]