Cosmic Dirt Astrology, May 10 2012

Luna forms a delicious trine with confidant Sun and fortunate Jupiter this morning. As inner joy overflows, we can smile and create something with its goodness. As Moon squares serious Saturn rx, stabilize the happiness that’s been created, or it may slip right between our fingers and fall from our grasp.

Near dinner, gentleness rises as Mercury sextiles Neptune. Our words are much kinder as thoughts slowly soften and flow in a positive direction. Sing the song in your heart. Apologize, forgive, and express yourself. Kiss and make-up. Mercury’s recent shift into Taurus encourages kindness and honoring our word. This transit can be very profitable for communications in relationships and business, if we understand being genuine and negotiable in both love and war. To connect, we must relate and express an interest to share and meet each other halfway. Mercury is always eager to learn and socialize, so our imagination is unlimited. Intuition is also speaking to us, so turn up its volume by opening your eyes and ears. “When the mind is Still the whole universe surrenders”. Maharishi Yogi. Daily Tarot: The Star, Five of Swords, Two of Cups: Love will survive.

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