Cosmic Dirt, July 17, 2012, Big Passions Die Hard, Mars trine Jupiter, square Pluto rx

Life moves along fantastically as Mars trines abundant Jupiter this morning. We seem to be getting a helping hand from the heavens above, as we attempt to create movement. But then life and the cosmos happen… especially as they throw us a curveball to us later tonight as Mars squares terminating Pluto retrograde. The weather changes drastically, sending us into stormy waters. One door opens, while one door closes. Mars is encouraging us make things right by honoring our word, while Pluto warns us as to where things may cave in. Both planets cause much stress in the cardinal energies, exposing extreme control and force. The steps that we choose, should be used with caution. Impatience, aggression, and jealousy is around the corner. Slow down and breathe. Secrets could be revealed, promises can be broken, while desperation turns ruthless. Emotions are highly sensitive under this Cancer Moon, and with Mercury retrograde, choose words and actions carefully, because Mars is highly reactive. There’s an alternative path waiting to be discovered in this beautiful burst of energy. Dare to change what continues to fail. ‘Know when to hold’em.. know when to fold’em’. Kenny Rogers. Tarot insight: Put your heart into accomplishing stability.

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As a dreamer & wildheart; I tend to wander 'the roads less traveled'. I've journeyed into self-employment as a freelance artist back in '95, experiencing a realization and higher calling. As an intuitive consultant, spiritual advisor, blogger of Cosmic Dirt & the Owner/CEO of Starcana, Inc., my purpose is to help others; to help themselves. I mentor in the sacred artistry of life, relationships and transformation, through intuitive consulting, grounded advice and soulful guidance. By the grace of mud and divine insanity, may the scorching flames I cast; torch shadows, ignite hearts and illuminate spirit.


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