Intuitive Email Readings

Intuitive Psychic Email ReadingsIntuitive Email Readings confront your questions in a written form, and delivered to your email address. This isn’t a computer report, but ‘real time and energy’ invested into your intuitive email reading. Each written session is personalized; from set-up, to meditation for ‘listening’. Analyzation of the messages received are then written into words. My colorful grammar and spelling errors slip through occasionally, to add originality. Insight is honest, and given with care. And I always keep it professional, friendly, ethical, confidential, and nonjudgmental. I offer three email readings to choose from: 

  • Short n Sassy.. a mini message for your (1) question, in about 150 words… 14.99
  • Irresistibly Insightful.. a medium message for your (1-3) questions, in about 500 words… 49.99
  • Wickedly Wise.. a mighty message for your (1-5) questions, in about 1000 words… 99.99


Delivery: Email readings are available for U.S. and international countries, and can be purchased 24/7. Purchased orders will be delivered within three to five business days – from the date of your purchase (or sometimes earlier, depending on my workload). Billed as: Starcana, Inc.

Procedure: For best results, be brief with questions. Then choose the right amount of insight that fits your budget:

  1. First, send your *Full Name, *Birth Date (01/11/1960), and *Question(s) to my email address. (When applies, include name and birth info of others).
  2. Last, choose your purchase by making a secure purchase with PayPal. No account necessary. That’s it!


Short n Sassy Email Reading:
Short n Sassy Psychic Email Reading

Irresistibly Insightful Email Reading:
 Irresistibly Insightful Psychic Email Reading

Wickedly Wise Email Reading:
Wickedly Wise Psychic Email Reading


Still deciding? Understand your situation in a live, intuititve phone reading, or try my affiliated psychic hotline.

Regarding email and spam: will never send you an e-mail that asks you to click on links. Never click on links in e-mail messages that ask for personal or account information.