Tarot Reading Parties


Psychic Reading Parties, Local Tarot Entertainment in Greensburg PA

Cool Party Entertainment! These two untouched images (above) are from different angles and two separate cameras during a local Greensburg PA party. An orb of spirit energy is caught hovering over my forehead and third eye.


In Person Tarot Readings & Tarot Parties are LIVE entertainment for local ‘face to face’ readings in the Greensburg and Latrobe PA area. Intuitive psychic readings includes tarot, astrology, and spirituality. Enjoy receiving insight, while having fun. 

  • Small Groups… 4 to 9 persons: 20 minutes per person…     30.00
  • Large Parties/Events Mini 5 minute readings…  Hourly 100.00
Terms of Service
• Readings are for adults 18+, and for entertainment only.
• Parties are delivered and performed in the comforts of your Greensburg/Latrobe location.
• A small private room is required, with a small table, and two chairs.
• Readings are free. You are purchasing my time. Refunds aren’t available for time served.
• I reserve the right to cancel appointments incase of emergency or unsafe weather.
• Book an appointment! Include event date & time, number of guests, with your street address.

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