In Person Readings & Parties


Psychic Reading Parties, Local Tarot Entertainment in Greensburg PA

Cool Party Entertainment! These two untouched images (above) are from different angles and two separate cameras during a local Greensburg PA party. An orb of spirit energy is caught hovering over my forehead and third eye.

In Person Readings & Sessions are for those who prefer a ‘one on one’ with a ‘face-to-face’ experience. Enjoy an entertaining psychic reading or seek spiritual advice to enrich your life direction. Sessions include: intuitive insight, wisdom from the tarot, astrological advice, practical advice and spiritual guidance for realistic solutions. Get insight and educated, while still having fun!

  • SMALL GROUP of 2 to 9 persons: 20 minute session per person…  44.00
  • INDIVIDUAL of just 1 person: 60 minute session… 132.00 hourly
  • LARGE PARTY & EVENTS: 10+ persons: 5-7 minutes per person… 132.00 hourly
  • Available for fundraisers.


Terms of Service
• Readings are for adult entertainment only, 18 years and older.
• Please have correct payment, no change is provided. 
• Readings are delivered in the comforts of your Greensburg/Latrobe location.
• An additional fee for expenses incurred outside the local area; for travel, distance &
time. For Allegheny County & the Pittsburgh area, I recommend Ronda Snow.
• A private room with a small table and two chairs is required.
• Readings are free. You’re purchasing my time. Refunds aren’t available when time is served.
• I reserve the right to cancel appointments incase of an emergency or unsafe weather.
• Book an appointment, email me with the date & time of your event, number of guests, and your location.

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