Starcana Astrology, August 2, 2012, Kisses from Heaven, Sun sextile Jupiter

While we can’t always have what we want… but things do seem to be improving. Well, at least temporarily., but that’s life. Constant change, never-ending. This morning, Sun will sextile optimistic Jupiter, delivering a tremendous boost of confidence, which is all we need to start our day. The recent shift of Sun entering into Leo allows our inner sunshine to sparkle the way we were meant to. This helps us to see the sunshine up ahead, so no wonder we’re a bit more happy and ready to face challenges. And then there’s Jupiter, who seems to know how to put a smile on our face. be sure to make some sort of an effort today, if you want to cash in on the positive rays. With Venus and Jupiter’s recent transit in Gemini, good fortune lies in communications, socializing, friendships and relationships, phone calls, letters/texts, and short journeys. And although Mercury is still retrograde, this as a good time to embrace our mistakes and misunderstandings, to correct what came out all wrong. Luna adds to our joy and successful approach as she trines heroic Mars and accomplished Saturn.

Yesterdays Aquarian Full Moon also helped us to release a lot of steam, which may have us feeling weightless with our heavy burdens. The Full Moon continues to vibrate powerful energy, so if you managed to experience her power, you can still wrap your troubles away in her magic. Mars transits through Libra, which contains a force that has us acting in ways to create balance and peace.. either for our relationships, or for ourselves. With Saturn still in Libra, we still have time to address the truth, and to make things fair and right. And the sudden change of heart that we may continue to unfold is the rebellious nature of Uranus retrograde, as we’re still trying to maintain our own individuality and true self through it all. For some reason I felt the need to repeat the following quote for those who still fail to see the blessing in their current struggle… ‘What if that person – the most difficult person in your life – is actually your highest teacher? What if that person is the person that was put in your life to help you? The meaning of spirituality is not to make you sleep better, but to awake you, and you will not awake if your dream is comfortable.’ Anonymous. Tarot insight [AceWandsrx/QueenPentacles] You can still get it right. ♥ Suzi Dronzek, Starcana

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