Starcana Astrology, August 26, 2012, Selfless Act of Love, Mars trines Neptune rx

We’re fired up and ready to hold on to what we can control as Moon leaves free-spirit Sagittarius, and enters ambitious Capricorn. The Capricorn Moon is favorable energy for tending for family, business, home, property, and finances. Opportunities are available to us today as Luna creates positive aspects to builder Saturn, dreamy Neptune rx, creative Mars, powerful Sun, spiritual Pluto rx, and healing Chiron rx. Ego and intuition harmonize as Mars trines Neptune rx, so steps that are taken, probably felt right, even before we acted on it. Under this powerful influence, things just seem to move a lot easier than imagined, so there’s a good chance that what needs to fall in place, actually does. Act with compassion, and dare to go with the flow. We can heroically save the day, by using flexibility and clever maneuvers to be our guide. Be fearless, and enjoy the rush. This is good energy for work and creative pursuits, as well as for romance and sexual escapades. ‘Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm’. Winston Churchill. Tarot insight [KnightPentacles/WheelFortune] Rely on trust. ♥ Starcana


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As a visionary, dreamer, wildheart and storm chaser, I'm easily distracted when 'tuned-in' to the energetic vibrations of the cosmos and nature. I'm a professional business owner, a self-employed wise woman and CEO of Starcana, Inc. I work as an intuitive consultant and weekly blogger, utilizing the divine artistry of intuition and insight, with the creative craft of astrology and the mystic tarot, including spirituality, philosophy and metaphysics. As a sensitive, I'm a 'feeler' who reaches out to help others, to create awareness, to inspire minds, and to touch hearts. By the grace of mud and sacred insanity, may the flames I cast; torch shadows, ignite spirits, and raise the frequency. ❤ ❤