Cosmic Dirt Astrology, August 23, 2012, Pushing through the Darkness, Mars enters Scorpio

With Moon in seductive Scorpio, we allow our softer side to gently rise to the surface.. and just long enough to stir temptations, as we pull back within ourselves. There is no need to try too hard, if we are clever enough to warp energy, in order to attract what we desire. It was worth waiting for, as we satisfy ourselves as Luna square nervous Mercury, and trine sweet Venus this morning. With the Leo New Moon, we’re polishing to shine, while the Sun in Virgo helps us to tend to ourselves in more productive ways, by organizing our life.

Energized Mars pushes his way out from Libra (relationships), and enters the intense depths of Scorpio (transformations). For the next six weeks, what we have secretly been yearning to create, is manipulated and molded. Mars helps us to move whatever is in our way, and in Scorpio, it is silent and deadly. What we want to ignite and/or bring to life, requires a sacrifice as we push through the darkness, so choose steps carefully. Mars feels quite at home in Scorpio, so our inner strength and devious self will be comfortable in the shadows. Acts of revenge, letting go, and creating endings are noticeably more entertained under this transit. This is how we finally move past suffering, to become empowered and renewed. ‘The ocean is flowing in our veins and it’s the salt that’s in our tears.’ Anastasio-Marshall. Tarot insight [NineWandsrx/NineCupsrx] Acknowledge your failure.

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About Suzi Dronzek

I journey the path 'less traveled' like a silent storm; touching the seen and the unseen. As a professonal life consultant, intuitive tarot astrologer and spiritual advisor, I work in light and in darkness; to provide insight with guidance for where magic, chaos and potential exists. By the grace of mud and divine insanity; may the sacred flames I cast; experience souls, raise hearts and empower spirit. Namasté.


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