Starcana Cosmic Dirt Astrology, August 15, 2012, Control Self, Not Others, Venus oppose Pluto

Early morning hours will challenge our life route as Luna squares frustrated Mars and pessimistic Saturn. As Moon trines Neptune rx, enjoy your dreams, but don’t rely on imagination. We tend to need more more as Venus transits sensitive Cancer in the weeks ahead. We crave more love, more money, and especially more appreciation. We want to attach ourselves to what our heart hungers for, and if we aren’t satisfying our appetite, complaints with clingy insecurities can surface.

Today’s stormy opposition between Venus and Pluto retrograde creates an inner stir, requiring that we let go. Make this a positive transaction, like a good trade. What would you be willing to barter (and finally put to rest), to regenerate something more meaningful in your life? With the recent Full Moon in Aquarius, have you released all that you needed to, in order to be at peace with yourself? Use this Venus/Pluto aspect to gain perspective of your own need to control, rather than manipulate to fit your own needs. The conjunction between fiesty Mars and workaholic Saturn also lends a helping hand to create and build brand new roads. If you are ready for a change in scenery, let go of old ways, to pave a new tomorrow. Although today’s Cancer Moon makes us more needy, we can utilize her power to find what we are truly seeking. Work WITH the waves.

The day’s energy will slowly gain power as Luna exits passive aggressive Cancer, and steps into sassy Leo this afternoon. There’s nothing shy about our reactions, as we are ready to be front stage and take a bow. This lunar cycle is favorable for fun, romance, and entertaining, as well as for managing, leading, and dramatic behavior. We are less fearful with the proud Leo Moon, so we stand and fight for what we believe in. Words seem to come out right as Moon conjuncts communicative Mercury tonight, so say what you actually mean to avoid misinterpretation. ‘How you look and treat yourself, teaches everyone how to handle and treat you’. Rev Run. Tarot insight [Magician/TenCups] Spread love. ♥ Suzi Dronzek, Starcana

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As an intuitive reader, practical mystic and business owner of Starcana, Inc., I provide intuitive readings with astrology, tarot, spirituality, other divination tools, practical advice and soulful guidance - to help others to help themselves. And from this small and humble office space, I get to shine a little light back into the world; touching a few souls while raising some amazing hearts. Namasté!


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