Starcana Cosmic Dirt, July 26, 2012

The day may feel a bit challenging with a lunar square to ego-centered Sun and uncertain Mercury rx, along with a few confusing aspects. As Mercury continues to retrograde, some of us can unintentionally make mistakes and mislead others. If our emotions are worn on our sleeve under the Scorpion Moon, we may take incorrect words and actions more personally that we should. The day will be more beneficial if we can pour our heart into our work and into ourselves. ‘Lessons are not given, they are taken.’ Cesare Pavese. Tarot insight: Ten of Pentacles rx, King of Wands rx: (Same cards as yesterday, but flipped!): Poor judgment becomes exaggerated.

Sending out birthday wishes to my young pride and joy!

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My heart has journeyed a lifetime over 'roads less traveled' with the trusted companionship of books, art, music, sensitivities, metaphysical arts, the cosmos, nature and the divine. As an Intuitive reader, life consultant, spiritual advisor and wild child - I aim to set hearts on fire.


  1. deuretta warner says:

    I missed the 26th and now i cant see the whole content. Help!

  2. Hi Deurwtta, Thanks for stopping by. At the bottom of the individual post, you can click on a link that says ‘read more posts from this category’ or you can simply click on the tab ‘Blog’ at the top, which will lead you to all the posts. 🙂