Starcana Cosmic Dirt, September 12 2012

The day gets off to a pleasant start as Luna conjuncts delightful Venus, with a lucky trine to Uranus retrograde. There’s a deep craving for individuality, and we want it to speak in volumes, and the Leo Moon couldn’t encourage us more. We’re feeling brave to expose ourselves, and we may be ready to paint walls and move furniture, or decorate ourselves with a new style of clothing, with plenty of flashy colors and accessories to match our real personality. Did someone mention a new tattoo? Later this evening, we should find a way to de-stress, as a rush of excitable energy floods in as Moon squares overreactive Mars. Create a self-portrait with patience. “I wasn’t born, I was unleashed.” Sherrilyn Kenyon. Tarot insight: [FiveCups/Judgmentrx] Improvement is temporary.

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About Suzi Dronzek

As an artist and wildflower with an old soul; I've grown into a wise woman, intuitive reader, life guide, and mystic business owner of Starcana, Inc. Through readings, grounded advice, soulful guidance and a cosmic forecast, my intention is to help others. While I sprinkle a little magick back into the world; I also hope to set a few brave hearts on fire.