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sharing love, values and what matters, venus in libra | starcana cosmic dirt astrologyMercury enters Scorpio. Thoughts and communications begin to shift as Mercury enters secretive Scorpio on Monday, November 2. During the next three weeks, clouded/confusing information will seep into our direction. Simple curiosity will transform into intrigue, increasing suspicions and possibly obsession – in order to see what is hiding inside of this incoming fog. The energy from the Scorpio Mercury vibrations encourage our ability to improve our vision (and investigative eye), through intense concentration, excellent listening skills and our trust in intuition.

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As our desire to attract intensifies in Monday’s Venus/Mars conjunction, we’ll be tempted to settle for what we want… while our uncared needs have other demands under the VOC Cancer Moon. And if we become distracted from that which promises safety and security, moodiness with blame may be overwhelming – which could release the beast from the Leo Moon. When practicing love; remember others AND yourself.

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples. Mother Teresa

Venus in Libra. Balance is the key to opening doors as Venus exits analytical Virgo, and moves into sweet Libra on Sunday, November 8. In the next four weeks, Libra Venus will require equal participation with loving support. By relating with others through honesty, grace and consideration – we stand a much better chance in attracting what we share with others. And with a very watchful eye, we could find that we’re silently analyzing what is said – and unsaid – in search of one’s willing to sacrifice blood for loyalty. Tarot insight:  Drowning in hope. [ThreeCupsrx/SevenCups]

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