The Reality of Our Journey

During the past weeks, there has been a lot of rocking and rolling.. especially with the recent square of Uranus (change, awakenings) and Pluto (destruction, regeneration)… but also with Uranus stationing direct. The shakiness in the foundation of either our situations, our relationships, or our internal selves has been a reminder to what was overlooked, […]

January 2013 Tarotscope, Zodiac Twist of Tarot with Astrology Horoscope

Starcana Tarotscopes are a horoscope twist of astrology and tarot for your zodiac sign. This includes a general tarot card interpretation for the month, along with a solar horoscope. For something more personalized, consider a professional session that is customized to your specific energy and situation. You may also do some self-service using your birth […]

Starcana Tarotscope, January 2012

Starcana Tarotscope ~ a solar chart horoscope with a twist of astrology and tarot. For an interesting insight, try my three card spread using your astrological information: Read your Rising sign to explain what you know. Read your Moon sign to reveal what challenges you. Read your Sun sign to show what you are creating. […]