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Friday December 31 Horoscope

It’s Friday December 31, Happy New Year’s Eve! We’re still a little sensitive with Scorpio Moon, so she’s going to encourage us to wear something protective to keep negativity at bay. As she squares sensitive sleepy Neptune in the afternoon, memories that were in past begin to float to the top. Luckily, Luna beautifully trines […]

Thursday December 30 Horoscope

After three weeks of having to rewire what we had lost communications with, along with broken down technology such as: phones, faxes, appliances, vehicles, major equipment, etc.. Mercury finally gets his head on straight and stations direct on Thursday December 30. We’ve had three generous weeks to REmember, REview, and REexpress ourselves in order to […]

Wednesday December 29 Horoscope

We could find our energy and/or efforts limited early on Wednesday December 29 as Mars squares Saturn. Mars wants to push us through barriers so that we can get closer to the stage, but Saturn steps in front and says ‘get back in line’. Tantrums and frustrations could cause some of us to react immaturely. […]

what the heck IS cosmic dirt

Cosmic Dirt is astrological writings of the planetary weather which will provide you with daily astrology insight into the moments ahead. Knowledge is power, and as the universe (cosmic) vibrates, this energy affects us here on earth (dirt)… which can create shifts in our work, business, and security…. our family, general relationships, and love interests…. […]

Tuesday, December 28, 2010 Horoscope

The Libra Moon encourages us to seek information if we want inner balance on Tuesday December 28, so we could find ourselves socializing a little more with others to research and get advice. The cardinal forces are taking control, so as we get the answers that we’ve been looking for – we feel a strong […]