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March 2013 Tarotscope, Zodiac Twist of Tarot with Astrology Horoscope

Starcana Tarotscopes are a horoscope twist of astrology and tarot for your zodiac sun sign. This includes a general tarot card interpretation for the month, along with a solar chart horoscope. March 2013 dances brightly with the Spring Equinox on the 20th and Daylight Savings on the 10th. New life is inspired to sprout in […]

Love Me No Matter What, Venus enters Pisces, Virgo Full Moon, Cosmic Dirt Astrology February 25

This week begins with an incredibly sensitive Virgo Full Moon, rising Monday afternoon. Gentle rays of Full Moon blessings are illuminated and released. Nothing stays hidden beneath her brilliant light and guidance. What has been unknown, reveals itself. Be alert and pay attention to what is seen, as well as unseen. Since the Aquarian New […]

Saturn Station Retrograde, Restrictions Demand Restructure, Astrology for February 18, 2013

Saturn the Taskmaster has stationed retrograde today, which will give the illusion of shifting in reverse. And as in the cosmos, where we thought we may have been producing and moving forward, our efforts will come to a strong halt. As above, So below. So what we may have presumed to be an effort to […]

Sun Enters Pisces, Living With Eyes Wide Shut, Astrology for February 18, 2013

This morning, the Sun leaves intellectual Aquarius, to enter compassionate Pisces. For the next thirty days, the ego becomes less direct in this watery realm, which encourages us to experience sentiments of love, forgiveness, and divine consciousness. As the Sun emerges into the oceanic depths of Pisces, the ego is flooded with a variety of […]

Aquarius New Moon, Emotional Evolution, Astrology for February 10, 2013

The Aquarius New Moon is our cosmic event today, enchanting the air with ideas, new thoughts, and new feelings. It is a magical time to make wishes, and to plant new of intentions. By participating with this dark and powerful vibration, great wisdom can be achieved with this Aquarian Sun (father) and Aquarian Moon (Mother) […]