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Unleashing the Beast, Mars in Leo

This week’s energy carries the chaotic vibrations of the T-square and Grand Cross of Venus (values, love, money), Jupiter (abundance, fortune), Uranus (awakenings, change), and Pluto (destruction, regeneration). Increased sensitivity from Monday’s Sun/Neptune opposition can move imagination into overflow. With possible anxiety, confusion, and uncertainties scattering in various directions, we could feel like a ‘sitting […]

Cosmic Dirt Daily Horoscope 8.14.13

Daily Horoscope ~ Although there could be some uncomfortable energy from the Sun/Moon square that lingers for breakfast, the Moon/Venus sextile in the late afternoon will support a much kinder vibration. The intense Scorpio Moon will make her exit tonight, so sensitivities will be encouraged to drain. Luna will ride off into the sunset, while traveling […]

While I’m Away

Just a quick notice, that Starcana services will be unavailable for a week of summer vacation. My writings, Tarotscope, and professional services will resume when I return back to my normal schedule on Monday August 12, 2013. And while I’m unavailable, my reputable affiliated partners are always available – when I’m not. Enjoy your week, and please find time to celebrate […]