Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Sunday August 28, Healthy Progress, Virgo New Moon

Opportunities are available to create significant changes  as Sun trines regenerative Pluto this morning, but doubt could override our confidence as Luna opposes Neptune. Our reactive emotions also wane as Moon leaves drama queen Leo, and enters into the analytical realm of Virgo. This grounding energy is favorable for assessments, property, organization, accounting, filing, working with the checkbook, communications, and putting the unkept into order.

Later, our emotions are reinforced by the ego as Moon conjuncts Sun, producing a New Moon event. The dark Moon represents a period when our most deepest, inner needs begin to stir and brew. It is a time when new emotions are developed, which encourage new behavior. With the New Moon in Virgo, we are more conservative and level-headed for the next month, leading us to be more responsible with mature conduct. Strengthening this New Moon is a trine to spiritual Pluto, which enhances and empowers our inner magic. Create positive affirmations for this Virgo New Moon that allow you to design a blueprint for reinforcing your life, relationships, work, or personal growth. You may enjoy working with my latest Tarot Affirmation with the Page of Pentacles for ‘Steps toward Improvement’. Starcana Tarot Insight: We give up because of a fear to change, creating an illusion that we’re in control.

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