Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: September 23, 2011, Leading with Grace, Sun enters Libra

Glorious Sun joins Venus (values, love, money) and Saturn (responsibilities, discipline) in Libra for the next four weeks. The facts of our lives become illuminated, which allows us to see everything much more clearly, and as is. Judgments and opinions on our relationships, and on ourselves, are more fair and realistic as we base opinions on truth and good standing. Our public personality shines, enhancing good manners and kindness toward others. We become people-friendly again, being flexible, and willing to adapt in order to develop closer connections. These vibrations are favorable for professional partnerships, romantic affairs, friendships, agreements, negotiations, and creating peace with the estranged. Our inner artistic is reborn to paint beauty and love in our world. The Libra Sun harmonies well with today’s Fall Equinox. As light and darkness are equally balanced at this time, so is our ability to find and create peace. Seasons change, and we must do the same.

Mars also trines Uranus rx today, it’s all about doing the work and creating the future that we see. We’re ready face a new day, and we’re proving it. With Mars in courageous Leo, we are fearless in letting go, in order to make dreams come true. Memories are left in the dust, as we race toward self-discovery and reconnecting with our true self. Willpower is fueled, and our actions to reinvent give back, so make sure your seat belts are on. As we set our mind to our vision, the opportunities will be there. The trine allows doors to open in our relations with others, good communications, intellectual processing, writing, brainstorms, creating, and researching information. There’s an electric in the air, so enjoy the buzz. Since the Moon is still in Leo, we’re in our best performance because we enjoy the limelight. “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” Maria Robinson. Tarot insight: Two of Swords, Queen of Cups: We get what we want by creating peace.

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