Starcana Cosmic Dirt ⭐️ Weekly Energy Forecast

The Intensity Peaks

  Image Credit: Starcana, Inc. | Summer Fire Hi friends, it’s an extremely energetic and creative week. With an electrifying Mercury/Uranus square on Monday August 10, we could find ourselves being a bit startled and aroused. Surprising changes are in the air. As a dramatic shift occurs, wires are bound to get crossed. Thoughts, ideas, communications and travel are sparked during this unforeseen twist. Power outages, weather changes, fires and fighting words are possible - as well as creative solutions and abrupt breakthroughs. Expect the unexpected. In attempt to move through tangled wires, something, someone or self could instantly unravel and strike out viciously under a wicked Mars/Pluto square on Thursday August 13. … [Read More...]

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