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Crossing Boundaries | Mercury in Leo, Venus in Gemini

The week begins with an electrical storm from a Sun/Pluto opposition on Monday July 10. There's a tug of war that tends to be brewing between the ego and the need for power. A dispute between light and dark. We may want to ponder as to which energy we will choose to rely on, in order to get what we came for. Along with this struggle, we'll still sense the pulsating vibration from yesterday's Capricorn Full Moon; to  help strengthen our determination to protect what is ours. If we hope to rise above the venomous demands that are hidden inside this intense energy; then extreme adjustments will be necessary. Raise the frequency. Passion is a positive obsession. Obsession is a negative passion. Carvel Paul Carvel Venus in Gemini. It may be … [Read More...]

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