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Adjust the inner nature.Today’s cosmic event is powered by a Solar Eclipse, which intends to intensify this Taurus New Moon. Perhaps you’ve felt the unsettled vibrations in the air. This could be as a strange new calm passes through you, or possibly an uncomfortable feeling of wobbliness. It could even have you flip-flopping with many moods between neediness, uncertainty, to relaxed and peacefully content. The stillness can also be so perfect, that it will feel like the calm before the storm. Have you experienced this?

If you’ve felt some of this unusual ‘noise’ in the past weeks, your ‘inner quiet place’ is calling for your return in this dark and quiet lunar energy. It is beneficial to voluntarily separate ourselves from the distractions in our outer world. I know with my own sensitivities that I had to withdraw from the busy vibrations, and to find comfort by staying away from the internet and social media. Spending time grounding with the earth in this earthy cycle helps to replenish and nurture our inner nature. This is especially helpful as the earthy New Moon encourages us to slip back behind the veil, and into our own shadows as a way to reconnect with the core of our very soul, where our true source of needs lead us. This fluent sway of emotional waves forms a motion that will eventually help us to determine our desires, as well as our direction. And if we seek to understand what we are truly made of (without distracting influences and outside interruption), the better that we can dream, fantasize, wish, and pray – to plant magical seeds of intentions into the universe.

The New Moon is an exciting time to concentrate on ‘bringing in the new’, while starting new projects, creating new beginnings, and trying a whole new approach. Think about it. What you would like to create, to bring new excitement into the foundation of who you are? What would you like learn, in order to grow and flourish during this new lunar cycle? And what would you finally be willing to sacrifice, so that you could invest more of yourself into this new powerful vision? Just thinking about this, you are already putting yourself into a cosmic place where you are starting to sow some fresh seeds. And again, why not? If we’ve been working to achieve something, and how we’ve been going about it hasn’t benefit us – isn’t it worth getting rid of an old routine – to find another way?

Weeds are flowers, too, once you get to know them. A.A. Milne

Each month, each of us go through a process of a New Moon cleanse, which helps us to bleed out heavy emotions, to purify our true needs. So as we choose and settle onto our new journey, a natural process of emotionally ‘letting go’ will already be in the works. As one door closes, another will open. This New Moon is in Taurus and the element of earth, which yearnings are enhanced toward physical, financial, and material manifestations. As we send out our intentions and affirmations, blessings are better acquired if we concentrate in areas that ruled by Taurus and its ruler Venus, which include: what we value, possessions, attachments, natural instincts, gardens, appreciation, stability, flowers, attraction, money, life’s comforts, beauty, letters of gratitude, design, art, blueprints, sensuality, sweets, harmony, matters of the heart, family, home, love, females, mothers, creativity, earth, marriage, desserts, business, new additions, and mother nature. Taurus also rules the house of earnings, pleasure, money, accounting, budgeting, and prosperity. Health-sensitive areas during this time can include: the throat, ears, lips, tonsils, lower jaw, vocal cords, thyroid gland, larynx, neck, cervical spine, kidneys, and the lower back.

With the very determined and stubborn Taurus New Moon, we may want to ‘have and to hold’ onto everything that we may possess or possibly want. Yet at the same time, the energy of this ‘Ring of Fire’ Eclipse can be disruptive in doing so, in order to burn away what is simply mold – so that our lives and our selves may be moved and shaped for better things. With emotions being powerfully rocked, break-ups, break-downs, or break-throughs can be experienced. But these unstable cracks are to help to know our own weakness, so that we may lead in ways to understand what truly matters. Letting go (whether physically, emotionally, mentally, and even materially) is a first step toward fixing our own inner ailment, our moral defect, and/or our spiritual disease. Letting go, helps us to let go of controlling whoever and whatever surrounds us – so that we can control ourselves and our own road toward happiness and inner peace. Letting go is for the purpose of healing our inner being, which produces it’s own kind of inner wealth for each of us – that can only lead to growth and gain.

If you want to become whole, let yourself be partial. If you want to become straight, let yourself be crooked. If you want to become full, let yourself be empty. If you want to be reborn, let yourself die. If you want to be given everything, give everything up. ~ Tao Te Ching

Releasing will not be as easy as we think though. As we work to change our emotional needs and behavior patterns, the cosmos are strong with this element of earth, which is very fixed in a stubborn clutch. Anxiety, frustration, and fear could set in as Mars, Mercury, Saturn, and Sun touch base – so doing what centers us will be beneficial for inner balance. Solar Eclipses encourage change, that will usually develop into some sort of chaos and ending, for major transformation. And again, this is for our best interest. These cosmic vibrations will continuously be moving us, even when we aren’t aware, because this energy is known to last up to three to six months. To know what areas will most likely affect you, you can look at the house and/or planets in your chart that are energetically activated by this natural force. You can also purchase your personal astrology transit report here.

Venus in Gemini. These interesting nudges from the cosmos will continue to magnify our cravings, down to the very roots of the emotions that they are actually stemming from. Dealing with struggles and hardships will force us to face our fears, and what realistically is limiting our potential – and I’m not talking about your excuses or whoever you’re blaming. As in these previous posts, the karmic lessons of Saturn teaches us how to be responsible and disciplined, toso that we may repair what weakens us. Transformative Pluto is busy regurgitating old reminders as to what is decayed and toxic, so that we can eventually flush it all away, once and for all. Also included into the energy of this Solar Eclipse and Taurus New Moon period, is lovely Venus moving into airy Gemini during the weeks ahead. With Venus in Gemini, we’ll be hungry for detaching, for movement and change. Something light and friendly of course. New interests will develop as we need more space at this time, which allow for new air as we spend more time socializing, building new friendships, writing letters of gratitude, traveling short journeys – which all offer new ways that we can how to relate with one another. Women should be busy finding a new strength in their voice during this cycle, while general communications become friendly, supportive, and informative. Wishing mothers, caring takers, and loving nurturers a wonderful Mother’s day. And if you happen to be a new reader, you can stay in touch with my weekly articles with my free email subscription.

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