Appreciating Our Shadow Side, Venus enters Scorpio

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Venus enters Scorpio. What matters most now, is slowly beginning to transform as Venus (love, money, values) moves from delicate Libra, into naughty Scorpio on Friday, December 4. Deep desires and buried secrets are being stirred, and this can cause uncomfortable insecurities and unresolved cravings to bubble uncontrollably. The unscrupulously dark and dangerously seductive may conjure up some mouthwatering urges over the next four weeks.

A hungry man is not a free man. Adlai E. Stevenson

As this hunger increases, an obsessive ache cries for something more succulent and meaningful to satisfy the soul. In this very potent cycle, it can be quite tempting and very easy – to secretly stray and sink to a new level of low – into the comforts of our own stink and stigma. In this personal dark realm, we can lustfully consume forsaken essentials without judgment, while being completely devoured by our own starvation. So to attract power, or to manipulate as a way to gain (or lose) control – how low might we be willing to go?

If your heart is full, you don’t feel that hungry. H. H. Swami Tejomayananda

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This weekend’s Mars/Pluto square on Sunday December 6 can kickstart this Scorpion Venus cycle. No one is willing to go down without a fight – so there’s a good chance that there will be no real winners in this highly competitive energy. And while Mars has no problem of going head to head with an issue; Pluto isn’t the type to play fair.

Hunger knows no friend but its feeder. Aristophanes

Possible aggression, manipulation, sex, rage, lies, bully behavior or unforgiving betrayal may be used to erotically penetrate and womb weak spots – depending on how low we must go, to feed the ego. I might suggest that we cleverly shift our approach – by going low – like down into the basement, with a good book and some favorite music – so that the storm can safely pass.  Tarot insight: A false truce. [JusticeRX/TwoSwords]. Check out the December Tarotscope.

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