Approach With Care, Mercury enters Cancer

Starcana Cosmic Dirt Astrology ForecastWith Mercury getting back on course, he re-enters the empathic waters of Cancer on Sunday, July 13. During the next three weeks, thoughts, communications, and small journeys will casually sway back and forth between intrigue and caution. Imagination and creativity bubble fluently, flushing through a variety of emotions mixed with memories. Fresh streams of sentiment and compassion also rise and merging with our curiosity, which soon begin to blur our vision. Trusting what we receive won’t be easy, so steps will be careful as we ‘feel our way’ ahead.

In a gentle way, you can shake the world. Mahatma Gandhi

Without knowing ‘when to hold or fold‘ in this sensitive period, one could easily fall prey to it’s confusion, uncomfortable moods, suspicions, worry, and defensive bites. By utilizing awareness with intuition, gain more by softening the speech and approach. Through kinder communications with gentle maneuvering, we can quietly seep through the cracks of stubborn blocks and locked doors – by dabbling with the art of negotiation. TarotToss: SevenWands/HighPriestess Gain an advantage by being a better listener. 

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  1. I really needed this message, especially the bit about kinder communications with gentle maneuvering. Thank you Suzi.