April 2013 Tarotscope, Horoscope Twist with Tarot and Astrology for Sun Signs

Starcana Tarotscope, Tarotscopes Horoscopes, a twist of astrology and the tarot.Starcana Tarotscopes are a horoscope twist of tarot and astrology, written for your individual zodiac sun sign. This is based on a solar horoscope, which include a monthly tarot card and general interpretation. If you know your birth chart details), then please enjoy my three card tarot spread:

  1. 1) First Card: Use your Ascendant/Rising sign, to read what you know.
  2. 2) Second Card: Use your Moon sign, to read what challenges you.
  3. 3) Third Card: Use your Sun sign, to read what you are creating.


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Happy Birthday TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Knight of Swords: Cleverness. Negotiations. A calm approach. Heroic action. Creative problem-solving. Sharp. Crystal clear. New insight. Fearless approach. Solutions. Hypothetical concepts. Analyzation. Strategic proposal. A new game plan. Shrewdness. Charmed grace. The power of words. Quick mind. Less is more. Friendliness. New information. Assumptions. Seeking advice. Say what you mean. Righteous anger. Honoring your belief. Gallantry. Seeking triumph over opposition. Wit.

Steadiness is encouraged as Sun, Venus, and Mars move into your Sun sign Taurus, and into your House of First Impressions. Utilize your famous stubborn determination in ways to deal with your own inner weaknesses that can be known to create limitations. With the Aries New Moon and Uranus in your House of Karma, drum up new intentions that help you to come to terms with your own fears. Conquer self-limiting obstacles, to strengthen integrity. The full truth behind your efforts are revealed as the Scorpion Lunar Eclipse and Saturn rx reveal major changes in your House of Relationships. Stay concentrated on productive growth.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Three of Pentacles: Creativity. Planning. Craftsmanship. Financial opportunity. Professional growth. Profitable hobby. Maintaining goals. Artistic ability. Natural success from talent. Recognition due. Gifted effort. Things come together. Skills. Answering our calling. Niche. Abilities rewarded. Business opportunities. Communicating something powerful. Words make sense. Proving that you mean business. Achievement. Writing flows beautifully. Spiritual growth. Rank improves. Step up to seniority. Climbing the ladder. Power increases. Wise strategy. Crafting the home business. Dependent on self-approval. Designing the perfect setting. Material gain. Getting together with like-minded people. Grounded. Having the know-how to structure a masterpiece. Aware of time.

Bountiful Jupiter continues to share his blessings with you Gemini, and since there always seems to be two of you (The Twins), goodness seems to be all around. But you like to keep things light and simple, especially with your ‘on the go’ personality. So while life may be much fuller, it’s also much heavier with responsibilities and schedules that can weigh you down. As Pluto stations retrograde in your House of Transformations, you’ll be analyzing what you’ve attained – with generous plans to donate what you’ve outgrown. The Scorpion Lunar Eclipse and Saturn rx will help to shed more than glorious light in your House of Work and Service. Think new heights… as you sprout a new pair of wings.


CANCER (June 20-July 23) Eight of Pentacles: Apprenticeship. Learning to grow. Appreciating what has great value. Modest gain. Priceless wisdom. Focused on the goal. Investing in a rewarding future. Saving for a rainy day. Overcoming obstacles. Rewards. Climbing the ladder. Patience turns profitable. Income improves. Commitment. Surprising growth. Making friends with time. Standing at the top of the mountain. Developing self-respect. Skills of a survivor. Financial changes. You blossom. Creating perfection. Nothing stop you.

While we know how much you thrive on security Cancer, life could feel quite unstable for your gentle, considerate self. Evolution is inevitable my friend, especially when it sits in the hands of change. Pluto stations retrograde in your House of Relationships, giving you just a little more time to grasp onto that which has deteriorated and wore out its welcome. Fears could be overwhelming with Jupiter bloating largely in your House of Karma, but this vast amount of information calls for your undivided attention. The Aries New Moon and Uranus in your House of Career and Status brew strange new cravings on the surface. Whether you are aware or not, you are floating toward higher grounds. Just relax, and listen.


LEO (July 23-August 22) Six of Pentacles: Material gain. Gratification. Financial gift. Helping others. Fair share. Just. Karma received. Joy of giving and receiving. Sharing. Reap what has been sown. Monetary blessing. Generosity. Goodness. Healing within. Strengthening bonds. Reality. Donate. Giving of self. Handshake. Favor returned. Appreciation exchanged. Professional. Lesson of integrity. Morals. Fair fortune. Promise delivered. Gratitude. Respect time. Kindness. Establishing character. Stability. Scratching each other’s back. Material gain. Pay it forward. Results of effort.

Sun, Venus, and Mars shift into your House of Career and Publicity, so you are in the spotlight. Right where you are meant to be.. because when life gets active, you get highly energized and reactive. This is how your true generous nature shines Leo. Stay public, socialize, and network. Keep your image sparkling in sunrise shades, especially with gold. Jupiter continues to liven up the party in your House of Friends and Wishes. Ask, and you’ll surprisingly receive. The Aries New Moon and Uranus are intentionally creating sparks in your House of Higher Learning and Travel. Yes, you are quite capable of going the distance for sure, as you decide what your heart needs. Savor this fiery sparkle.


VIRGO (August 22-September 23) Nine of Cups: A rainbow appears after the storm. Make a Wish. Prayers manifest. Dream comes true. Happiness. An unanswered prayer. Joy. Difficulty removed. Abundance. High on love. Harmonization. Sweet dreams. Hope. Right place at the right time. Lucky you. Cup has over-floweth. Rest and enjoyment. Lounging in pleasure. Good friends, good spirits, good life. The Gods look fondly upon you. Feeling blessed. Reality manifested from dreams. Happy Happy Happy. Love is in the air. Happily ever after.

You my friend, can prove that talk isn’t cheap, especially as Jupiter improves your House of Career and Status with goodness. Now that Mercury is out from it’s dark shadow, say goodbye to misunderstandings. But as communications try to flow, the Scorpion Lunar Eclipse and Saturn rx add weight to your House of Communications. You may feel creatively blocked or mentally fatigued with this transit, but you are learning how to restructure recent information, so that you may transmit data more efficiently. As Sun, Venus, and Mars stir your House of Higher Learning, your Virgo mind is excited, as your confidence rebuilds itself. Time is of the essence, be patient as you mend.


LIBRA (September 23-October 22) Four of Swords: Abandonment. Meditation. Finding another way. Prioritizing. A time for rest. Self-control. Healthy boundaries. Seclusion. Alternative thinking, Reflect. Anxiety. Retreat. Solitude. Mental rest. Replenishment. Got no time for that. Only capable of so much of research. Collecting thoughts. Challenged. Putting it all together.

With Sun, Venus, and Mars activating your House of Transformations, you may be plotting to create major lifestyle changes Libra. And while you may be ready to act, the Scorpion Lunar Eclipse and Saturn rx will slow this process down in your House of Values, so that you may prioritize the things that truly matter most to your heart. As a seeker to find balance, you are often influenced with what is on the outside. Karmic reflections help to shift your unstable footing toward your most deepest desires. The Aries New Moon and Uranus in your House of Relationships encourage change, with a new approach that requires the activation of your cardinal energy. Pursue happiness. Act on what you need. Share the love.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21) Eight of Wands: Important news arrives. Confirmation of quick developments. Proving intentions. Movement. Ready, set go. Rapid advancement. The timing is perfect. Work takes a better shift. Fast progress. Today is the day. Quick action. Try, try again. Travel. Green lights. Move three steps forward. Travel. What obstacles? Jumping into the fire. Bravery expands. Freedom to move in any direction. Overcome frustrations with necessary changes. Achievement. Ideas come to life. Everything is happening. Wow! Long distance jump. Rewarded with happiness. A reason to cheer. New priorities profit. Quick decisions. Celebration. Jumping ship. Removing fears. Willingness to live life. Turn of events. Get this party started. Make it happen. Live life to it’s fullest.

Sun, Venus, and Mars will shift into House of Relationships, and it will be up to you to find balance. While it’s nice to have the support of others, it can also be very distracting as you try to reach your own goals.. especially since you tend attract the needy. Be available to the energy around you. Be fluent to opportunities that appear to challenge you. Jupiter generously provides an increased movement in your House of Transformations. You may find that you can receive much more, from letting go. You may be tempted to revamp your whole self and go undercover as the Scorpion Lunar Eclipse and Saturn rx threaten to reveal dark secrets in your House of Self. If you’re ready to shape shift, it may be worth the investment, but as Pluto stations retrograde, be sure to do your homework first.


 SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21) Six of Cups: Nostalgia. Happier times. Reliance on the past. When things were easier. Reflections. Letting time pass. Daydreams. Allowing yourself to be happy. Smiles. Laughter. Fun time. Longing for the way it use to be. Remember what matters. Love. Overflowing with love and joy. Good friends. Memories seep in and speak loudly, Insight is alive and well. Imagination speaks. Creativity. Understanding what fades. The heart is longing for togetherness. Needing music. Importance of photographs. Childhood memories come to surface. Emotions flow easily. Aware of what doesn’t exist anymore.

Aries New Moon, Uranus, and Mercury dare you to take the plunge, so add more fun to your life Sagittarius. Set fiery New Moon intentions to change, so that you may reconnect with your true shining self. Be active, and concentrate on sports or fitness to feed your playful personality as Sun, Venus, and Mars occupy your House of Work and Health. You’re experiencing more about yourself and the company that you keep with expansive Jupiter in your House of Relationships. Strive for something that gives you purpose, that encourages you to believe in you. As the Scorpion Lunar Eclipse and Saturn rx haunt your House of Karma, so does the return of old struggles. Work hard to reinforce inner foundations, and if you require a support system, choose quality. The truth from all of your hard work is disclosed. Smack down.


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19) Emperor: Order. A time for discipline. Mind over matter. Wise leadership. Self-control. Stable. Authoritative. You earned it, now own it. Will defend if necessary. Protected. Fatherly figure. Secure. Smart management. Mature male. Successful journey. Organization of thoughts and actions. A good sport. Heroic actions draw admirers. Unaffected. Business endeavor. Unmoved by opinions. Placing rules. Every man for himself. Taking control. Values and laws. Stubbornness from focus. Handling affairs efficiently. Doing the right thing. Success and admiration arrives. Receiving gifts. Powerful energy. Protecting what’s yours. Where there’s a will, there is a way.

Necessary shifts on the home-front may need to be considered as the Aries New Moon and Uranus fight for independence in your House of Home and Security. To reach happiness at new exciting heights Capricorn, change will be called upon. This can cause chaos for those who are caught of guard. Reality begins to manifest itself as Sun, Venus, and Mars settle into your House of Creativity, so let the competitive games begin. Pluto in your sign, will retrograde in the next months ahead, giving you the opportunity to rejuvenate what has failed it’s potential, for your need to grow. To resurrect, accept challenges that force you to climb to higher places. Of course the view will be much better, and the air much cleaner.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18) Two of Cups: Establishing a bond. Someone comes along and mirrors us. Agreements. Healing. On earth as it is in heaven. Matters of the Heart. Love. Partners in crime. Mi casa es su casa. Celebration toast. Marriage between two strong forces. Romance. A new relationship. Marriage of the mind. Friendship. desire to have companionship. Two peas in a pod. Platonic friendships. Twosome. All’s fair. A new individual strikes your fancy. Partnership. Equality reigns. Harmony. Love connection. Blending opposites. Reunion. moving toward each other. Cooperation. Mutual understanding. Heart and soul. Nurturing. Differences are resolved. Teamwork. Someone is by my side. The missing ingredient. Reconciliation. Sexual attraction. Creating magic either personally, or professionally. Balance. Working together. Forgiveness. Having something to fight for. Emotional balance. Peaceful union. Connecting the dots. Sharing the gold. Happily ever after.

Home is where the heart is Aquarius, and this speaks loudly as Sun, Venus, and Mars enter your House of Home and Security. Unfortunately, not everyone understands this, especially the way that you do. With the Aries New Moon and Uranus in your House of Communication and Journeys, the way you conceive information is moving forward, changing the way that you share. As Pluto stations retrograde in your House of Karma, what had once left you feeling uncomfortable with yourself, returns. become empowered, by facing and knowing your fear. The Scorpion Lunar Eclipse and Saturn rx will illuminate and rebuild your House of Family and Public Status. Find ways to expand your mind, which in return, will generously expand your heart to the world.


PISCES (February 19-March 20) Ten of Cups: Joy. Looking for a reason to celebrate. Faith is restored. Triumph. Love. Tears of triumph. True friendship. Contentment. Loved ones rock. Tender moments enjoyed. Money can’t buy love. Home is where the heart is. Spirituality. True wisdom. Balanced energy. Reflections of kindness. Dancing beneath the waterfall. Dreams are fulfilled. Positive feelings. Adding color to life. Peace and comfort. Love thy neighbor. Good surroundings. Family circle sealed. End to a long cycle. Showered in affection. Emotional bliss. A wish is granted. Happiness. A rainbow after the storm. Togetherness. Enjoying the simple things. Sweet endearments. Radiant light flows.

Your ruler Neptune is in your House of Self, which helps you to conveniently blur out what you are uncomfortable with. Life will become a bit more enlightening as Sun, Venus, and Mars enter your House of Communications and Journeys. As you seem to see things a bit more clearly, you will become more thoughtful in ways that intrigue your interest. In return, you will gain curiosity, that gives you confidence to stray from where you’ve been. You’re assessing what you presently have with the Aries New Moon and Uranus in your House of Values. This can suggest that you are looking for a way to separate yourself from the ‘norm’, to see what more life has to offer. You may simply decide that a total makeover for yourself and home could be the answer. As the Scorpion Lunar Eclipse and Saturn rx stir your House of Higher Learning and Travel, you shall discover what you seek to understand.


ARIES (March 21-April 19) The World: Commitment. Fulfillment. Rewards for hard work. Pure happiness. Being admired and recognized. Completion. Achieving success. Triumph. Winnings. Holding the power. Aware of what you are capable of and more. Loyalty. Beautiful finale. Decorating your future. Honorable mentions. Full of integrity. Receiving recognition. Embracing who we’ve become. Owning our responsibilities. Perfection. Dressed in blessings. A cycle closes. Complete satisfaction.

Your attention turns toward new directions as Sun, Venus, and Mars enter your House of Money and Values. Increasing your shine matters more to you than ever Aries, and with Aries New Moon and Uranus in your House of Identity, you may decide on reinventing yourself. As you want to see a change in the world around you, you are encouraged to change within first. Your creativity is also on a high as Jupiter donates good fortune into your House of Communications and Journeys. But you understand that talk is cheap, so concentrate on what you do best, which is challenging yourself to learning more, with hands on experience. Enhance growth, but be patient since this process can run much slower with Pluto station retrograde in your House of Public Status, and Saturn rx in your House of Transformations. If you’re gonna burn, burn deep and steady.


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