Be Rich & Fertile, Solar Eclipse Taurus New Moon

2014 Starcana Cosmic Dirt AstrologyApril has kept us busy in keeping us uneasy with the Lunar Eclipse, the swarm of earthquakes, the Cardinal Grand Cross, the recent wicked weather forecast, and with today’s Solar Eclipse. This morning’s ecliptic Sun/Moon conjunction in earthy Taurus will support our need for grounding, practicality, rest and self-care. And while the energy surrounding the New Moon is often low, it could be in our best interest to lay low and conserve our resources. One way that we could do this for ourselves, would be to simply avoid (or limit) routine disturbances and/or unnecessary distractions. Create quality time to regain calmness through a few moments of stillness, while focusing on the breath. And to recirculate your inner flow, replenish it with plenty of water.

We should embrace the fact, that there is much productiveness to be found in personal downtime. Work with whatever you’re feeling. By quietly putting priorities into order; we can create balance. Through constructive thoughts; we can plan accordingly. To look within, we can locate our inner voice. Practice mindfulness; to build patience.

Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination. William Longgood

Today’s New Moon promises a new emotional cycle; so as quietness is captured – try to connect with your heart’s center to stir desires, hopes and wishes. With the Moon in fertile Taurus, it is most beneficial to sow ‘seeds of intention‘ based on what we currently have and hold onto; from personal property and relationships, material possessions and home, money and business, inner values, self-growth and personal worth. The Solar Eclipse will amplify the New Moon, while magnifying our intentions. What we experience in this ‘ocean of great emotion’, are intense vibrations. This lunar activity will continue to sway and move us (up to three to six months) through stormy challenges, endings, closure and major transformation.

When you have eliminated the impossible, that which remains, however improbable, must be the truth. Arthur Conan Doyle, Sr.

To work with this cycle, understand what you NEED to produce in the months ahead. Figure out what needs to be planted, and know how much time and energy you’ll be willing to invest – to generate growth. Once you’ve determined this, the weeding will begin. By cutting deep into the root of limitation, we’ll eliminate the decay – which will encourage us to rely on what remains. Through this act of self-fertilization, we can heal ourselves and evolve naturally. New Moon Blessings!

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