Aquarius New Moon, Emotional Evolution, Astrology for February 10, 2013

Aquarius New Moon Astrology

The Aquarius New Moon is our cosmic event today, enchanting the air with ideas, new thoughts, and new feelings. It is a magical time to make wishes, and to plant new of intentions. By participating with this dark and powerful vibration, great wisdom can be achieved with this Aquarian Sun (father) and Aquarian Moon (Mother) conjunction. So that we understand what direction to take, to fulfill our needs, it is encouraged that we seek our answers within. Quietly turning inward to start this process, we create an agreement between ourselves and with the cosmos… along with a magical seed. And to sprout growth, we must nurture and do what is necessary during the next two weeks.

Spend time visualizing, to experience what is to be created. Enhance your experience with electric blue candles that match the sky. Add positivity to the seed with affirmations. Have a conversation with yourself. Ask yourself questions. Eventually you’ll be answering yourself, with more questions. This helps to refine and finesse your most truest intention. Empower your seed of intent with what is related with Aquarius, for a better outcome in areas of: futurists, angelic acts, rebellion, intellect, freedom seekers, astrology, genius solutions, intuition, brainstorming, yoga, mental pioneers, communications, originality, strategic planning, new age, humanitarian, the truth, problem solving, organizations, individualists, mental focus, alternative routes, creative writing, taking the higher road, inventions, being the ‘bigger’ person, being true, and making a difference that matters.

Every society honors its live conformists and its dead troublemakers. Mignon McLaughlin

This is a quiet time beneath the dark Moon, which only reminds us to come home and center. It is a reminder to take care of ourselves and our needs. A strong force comes with this lunar cycle, which can leave us feeling a bit cranky, tired, and uncomfortable out of our comfort zone. We could experience tension in our bodies where we have more weaknesses. The Aquarius New Moon, ruled by Uranus, can bring major sensitivity to our intuitive intellect, nervous system, mental disorders, disruption to our sleep patterns, circulation, calves and ankles.

By working with our inner waves, we can experience an internal strength that can help us to see the light and reach for the stars. While it is always important to work with your personal physician, I personally focus on a good healthy diet, exercise, meditation, and proper rest… with lots and lots of water. As the Moon fluctuates the earth’s tides, the water in our brain and physical body will also fluctuate. Replenish, hydrate, and stay in balance. And it’s funny when I whined on my Twitter and Facebook, about the unfriendly challenges that the stormy weather and earthquakes can bring to a Sensitive, it was interesting to listen to all of the different experiences that others go through. I can usually get through most of it fine, but it requires that I stick with my own routine and what works for me.

This Aquarius New Moon could prove to be quite interesting and/or impacting with a blazing Mars/Jupiter square. Major movements may already be sizzling for you since fiery Mars (action, energy) entered watery Pisces earlier this month. Being out of his element isn’t a comfortable place for macho Mars… and without a little appreciation for the arts, poetry, and enjoying the scenic route.. aggravations can rise. Egos may be a bit less tolerant of what seems to be ‘more ideas’, ‘more talk’, and what seems like ‘more excuses’. With Venus (values, love, money) now in Aquarius, we’re hungry for a change, the unusual, and the beauty of spontaneity. And knowing Mars, he will find a way to please lady Venus. We can also use new discoveries to improve where life became sidetracked back in October, with Jupiter direct. But as  we sail through Mercury’s storm, we need to be  careful of communication issues because of misinterpretations.

Do you love the truth more than you need to be loved, or do you need to be loved more than you love the truth? Gary Zukav

If we aren’t afraid to experiment with the new, this is highly creative energy to pave exciting directions. Crushing through walls that have limited our growth and potential can become more enticing. Be open-minded, and open-hearted. Allow yourself to dance with fantasies, to become comfortable with what you need. Mercury (thoughts, communications) is in the divine realm of Pisces, so imagination is our only limitation. And the Aquarian New Moon provides us with this time to approach old problems, with new emotions. Clean slate. Inner change will feel like a breath of fresh air, that allows us to fly once more. Just figure out your destination, and embrace the one small step that can take you there.

Happy Chinese New Year! It’s the Year of the Snake! To give new life to this new year, be prepared to shed and remove old skin. Eclipses also hold transformative energy which can last up to three to six months. Can insight be found in your February 2013 Tarotscope?

As Saturn in Scorpio preparing to retrograde and stall plans, while Valentine’s Day is just around the corner… you may have interest in a compatibility report. It’s filled with interesting details about you and a special someone (whether that be a lover, spouse,  friend, or family member). Know where strength will enhance a powerful connection, and where it can weigh heavy and place stress on weaknesses. Read more here >>. Have a blessed New Moon.


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