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Starcana Cosmic Dirt | Intuitive Tarot, Spiritual Astrology Horoscope BlogVibrations shift this week as Mars (energy, desires) moves from passive Cancer, into brave-heart Leo on Monday, July 1. Behavior that seemed defensive or tame during the past few weeks, becomes raw, roaring and reactive for what we’re starving for over the next six weeks. We’re hungry, and we’re not backing down from the chase or the fight for the trophy with Mars in Leo. Competitive challenges, including ‘mouse and cat’ games will be welcomed under this cycle, in order to prove who’s side we’re on.

You cannot buy loyalty; you cannot buy the devotion of hearts, minds, and souls. You have to earn these things. Clarence Francis

As we aim to pounce upon our prey, to claim what is righteously ours – a heavy, dark shadow will intercept our moves with the Solar Eclipse/Cancer New Moon on Tuesday, July 2. While we may hope for a gain to move forward, we’ll find ourselves leaping into a cosmic portal – where old doors are being forced to close, so that new doors can finally open.

Chaos, crisis, endings, death and major transformations are highlighted during the eclipse season; which can be experienced as unexpected breakdowns, break-ups, and breakthroughs. These vibrations can continue to linger over the next three to six months.

With a total eclipse in sentimental Cancer, we’re reminded to take better care of our family, home and our emotional wellness. Rather than hope for something and/or someone to come and save us – we’re being encouraged to save ourselves – by creating our own strength for inner security. And as we learn how to depend more on ourselves, the process of letting go will happen much easier. In the meantime, what are you still clinging onto, in order to feel safe and protected; when a new opportunity for growth and evolution is available when you let go?

It’s not the end of the world to lose. Andy Murray

As the cosmos show us how to loosen our grip, that which held so much importance will begin to weaken as Venus leaves social Gemini for the intimate waters of Cancer on Wednesday July 3. Our values, love and money will change under Venus in Cancer during the next four weeks. Through our loving practice of TLC (and the abundant blessings of Jupiter), we should be able to replenish our own precious well of resources – so that we can generously care for others.

If the translator does his job as he should, he is a benefactor of humanity; otherwise he is a veritable public enemy. Miguel Saenz

As Mercury stations retrograde on Sunday July 7, communications, computers, phones, faxes, emails, letters appliances, technology, vehicles and heavy machinery can go on the blink during the next three weeks. This tricky cycle tends to enhance confusions, misinterpretations, glitches and misunderstandings – which gives us the opportunity to rethink, refigure and recorrect a better approach to get where we’re going.  Whoever/whatever gets in our way under this seemingly problematic cycle, will bring a helpful message for those who are listening carefully. Starcana weekly tarot insight: Accomplishing so little because of lack of focus. [PageSwordsRx/KingPentaclesRx]. Want more insight? Check out Starcana’s July Tarotscope!

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