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Starcana Cosmic Dirt | Intuitive Tarot, Spiritual Astrology Horoscope BlogGood day friends! Our courage and confidence has been heightened during the past few weeks. This would’ve helped us to create and/or attract the yearnings from the heart. Now things are about to get a lot more serious AND real during the next four weeks. Venus (values, relationships, money) will be exiting glamorous Leo on Wednesday August 21, while Sun (ego, identity) will follow suit on Friday August 23 – as they both join Mars (energy, desires) in efficient Virgo.

Cosmic guidance will come our way under a positive Mercury/Jupiter trine on Wednesday August 21, along with a lovely Venus/Mars conjunction on Saturday Aug 24.

When you check your own mind properly, you stop blaming others for your problems. Thubten Yeshe

As Sun and Venus transits Virgo, we’re being led onto a new path that will be thoughtful and observant to problem-solving. Mistakes and sloppiness will not score points during this crucial time for perfection. This is about precise work, to get it right (and done) this time. In weeding what has become unnecessary and unsupportive, while blocking our vision – will help us to clear a brand new path in where we intend to go. With the help of Mercury transiting fierce Leo, we won’t be afraid to visualize and journey into a forward direction, where others have only dreamed of. Utilizing the powerful force of Mars, we can make it happen – when we stay methodical and wise.

There comes a day, somewhere in the middle of every woman’s life, when Mother Nature herself stands behind us and wraps her arms around our shoulders, whispering

“It’s time.”

“You have taken enough now. It’s time to stop growing up, stop growing older and start growing wiser – and wilder.

There are adventures still waiting on you and this time, you will enjoy them with the vision of wisdom and the companionship of hindsight, and you will really let go.

It’s time to stop the madness of comparison and the ridicule of schedule and conformity and start experiencing the joys that a life, free of containment and guilt, can bring.”

She will shake your shoulders gently and remind you that you’ve done your bit. You’ve given too much, cared too much, you’ve suffered too much.

You’ve bought the book as it were and worn the t-shirt.

Worse, you’ve worn the chains and carried the weight of a burden far too heavy for your shoulders.

“It’s time” she will say.

“Let it go, really let it go and feel the freedom of the fresh, clean spaces within you. Fill them with discovery, love and laughter. Fill yourself so full you will no longer fear what is ahead and instead you will greet each day with the excitement of a child.”

She will remind you that if you choose to stop caring what other people think of you and instead of caring what you think of you, that you will experience a new era of your life you never dreamed possible.

‘It’s time’ she will say…

“to write the ending, or new beginning, of your own story.”

 ~Donna Ashworth

This week’s earthy shift helps to bring us back to earth – where we can get a little closer to knowing what our goals and intentions are, so that we can better understand what needs to sacrificed, for stricter maintenance of inner growth. These vibrations are ideal for focusing on areas of awareness, mindfulness, meditation, work, daily routines, sexual hygiene, health, pet care, being of service, nature, self-reflection, practicing accountability and wellbeing. Let’s spend less time watching other’s, and more time improving who we are. Peace & Love, ~Suzi

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