Being Reflective, Sun enters Pisces

Being Reflective, Sun enters Pisces | Starcana Cosmic Dirt Astrology Tarot Blog

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Valentine’s Day. The skies are blessed under a flirtatious Libra Moon and a rewarding Sun/Saturn sextile on Valentine’s Day, Tuesday February 14. We’ll feel the urge to socialize and sweetly participate during this day of kindness and giving… while patiently observing the returns of our affectionate investments.

How we relate with one another may require some adjustment as Libra Moon opposes Venus (value, love, money) and Mars (energy, sex). The cosmic scales will be weighing our recent efforts; to equally distribute fair results – and in a BIG way with a Libra Jupiter retrograde for four months. So to even things up in our general relationships, romantic affairs and professional partnerships, some will need to learn (Jupiter) how to be more considerate and sharing with those we claim to love and value. Some will need to practice self-care to improve inner balance.

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Love is an action, not an emotion. The Bible

Sun enters Pisces. Sun (ego, identity) exits from Aquarius and swims into the watery realm of dreamy Pisces on Saturday February 18. During this four week journey, we’re being led through onto mystical path which leads us though selflessness, acceptance, forgiveness and healing. Also on this this slippery course are blurry shadows that are filled with guilt, escapism, addiction, self-deception and blame – which can distract us from living our dreams and goals.

Direction may be foggy and confusing, yet in the same breath, it can provide us with an opportunity to temporarily delay immediate action. In taking a little extra time for ourselves, we can either ignore life for awhile – or we can be wide open to our options. In taking the higher (and often tougher) road, we can finally resolve the issues that we’ve been running from.

Sometimes what we learn and who we become in the process of waiting is even more important than what we’re waiting for. Mandy Hale

Inner growth is available as we create ‘quality listening’ for the music in our heart. And if we hope to truly understand the depth of who we are, what we attract, and where we’re headed – then we must be willing to dive into much deeper waters, without our safety device. More insight available from February’s tarotscopeStarcana tarot insight: Assumption is the deception. [LoversRX/Moon]

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