Big Wheels Are Turning Again, Mercury Direct

big wheels are turning again, mercury direct

Mercury stations direct this morning, Wednesday, February 11. We should slowly begin to see better improvements as communications, ideas, creativity, socializing, business dealings and short journeys get back on course in the weeks ahead.

Mercury is the ‘communication expert’. And since Mercury station retrograde on January 21, we have probaby experienced some sort of technical ‘glitch in the system’, which would have interrupted our own daily system. This temporary malfunction could have affected our day-to-day behavior and regular routines; which would also influence the way we normally transmit and receive; thoughts and words.

People with opinions just go around bothering each other. Buddha

In recent past weeks, mental, verbal and technical distractions were created, to stop us in our tracks. Before we could continue on our path, something (or someone) required our immediate attention. Distracting interferences may have involved a mixed message or two (voice, written or typed) which may have got lost in translation, along with odd phone issues, with fax and internet errors. A breakdown in communications is what we would have run into, from failures in agreements and contracts, to computer crashes and faulty travel plans. Our own approach and negligence played a part in the lack of proper care in our relationship(s), but also with our techie toys, appliances, vehicles, and large machinery.

This intentional scramble of information is the naughty, yet clever work, of Mercury the trickster. We’re brought to a temporary standstill, so that we may reverse and backtrack our recent steps. As we’re redirected, we can quickly review and re-examine, to re-assess and resolve our mistakes and issues. Otherwise, we’re bound to repeat it again, with reoccurring blame. So in reality, it’s a much needed shift in our mental programming, which keeps us constantly thinking, aware, and learning.

Everything has been said before, but since nobody listens we have to keep going back and beginning all over again. Andre Gide

So as a reminder (since we’ll still need to be cautious under Mercury’s shadow), learn to memorize and familiarize, to be proficient and well-informed, especially in this ever-changing cycle. Enhance and master your own communication skills by speaking much less, and listening more. 

And as mentioned from a previous written article; In this three week period, Mercury retrograde helps us to confront what has been a problematic issue; so that we can review, refigure and re-correct what has been either overlooked, mistakenly miscommunicated and/or misinterpreted. It would be favorable to allow our thoughts and what we’ve been transmitting to othersto fall apartfor the purpose of restoring what has continuously failed us. Through proper rewiring and improved reconditioning during the weeks ahead, we’ll be able to share what we meant to say. During Mercury retrograde, we can step back into memories, and unexpectedly run into people we lost contact with. Without awareness, we could also re-experience a reoccurring problem. It’s time to step back in time during Mercury rx, to find out where the confusion began, in order to create real solutions’. Tarot insight from PagePents rx/TenSwords: Failure to recognize the trap.

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