Brain Farts, Creative Blocks, Limitation from Intimidation – New Moon Tarot Affirmations, Eight of Swords

New Moon Tarot Affirmations are positive statements for shifting energy, centering ourselves, energizing our mojo. They help to improve our perspective, while encouraging confidence and productivity. The method is simple and can involve creative visualization (which I include the tarot) but you must be determined to put the effort in, to invigorate higher vibrations.

Use my meditative affirmations WHENEVER you need focus, I’m just including them with the timing of New Moon with an explanation of what may be happening astrologically and how to benefit with the new emotional approach with each new Moon. Today is the Aries New Moon, and we’re suppose to be breaking the rules and jumping to the future – but many that have contacted me have felt frustrated and stuck – like the Eight of Swords card associated – aware of the obstacles and limitations – but don’t know how to get past their fears. They feel so overwhelmed that they end up doing nothing – because they are so scared of what might lie ahead, so they lock themselves into an invisible cage. They can’t think or speak clearly, bringing on panic and anxiety. They run out of breath – and to have good brain activity, we need to breathe and draw in new oxygen and life source back to our brain and blood cells. So if you must create your own little prison, then sit down, relax in it, and do nothing but BREATHE. Breathe and inhale slowly and deeply. Then breathe and exhale slowly and fully.

A quiet spot where you are able to stay focused is suggested, in order to put your intent out into the Universe. Clear your mind, so that nothing interferes, be neutral in your thoughts and emotions. You may declare your personal statement. My suggestions are only examples to help guide you, but feel free to create your own methods of expression. I personally prefer to vocalize my affirmations out loud – but also very clearly – in order to ‘seal the verbal contract’ with the Universe.

It is helpful to have your affirmation written down on a small post-it note and placed where you will see it several times a day, as a reminder to take a short moment and focus on your intent. Visualize and believe in what you are announcing. The more you work with your affirmation, the more you grow accustomed to your own style of what works best for you. Everyone is different, and there is no right or wrong. For beginners, it may take one to three weeks of repeating the oath to sense a shift. For the experienced it may take twenty-four hours or less! With the right approach, you will encounter the magic of will and assertion.
You may use the Eight of Swords card as a visual to represent your prison cell, and how you’ve stopped yourself in your own tracks. Visualize that you are this individual in the card, surrounded and circled by the intimidating swords. They seem to be bigger than life. What intimidates you? Are your fears truly larger than life? is the fear real, or is it imagined? Notice the cord wrapped loosely around the body, suggesting that you are quite capable of freeing yourself from this ‘tight spot’ – if you really want to. The blindfold needs to be removed so your vision is much more clear, in order to see what actually lies in front of you, rather than guessing. You have the ability to escape from your distress, but instead, you stand in fear – enabling your creative blocks and brain farts, by holding your breath and doing nothing. You are submitting yourself to mental torment. If you understand this, then you can move forward.
Imagine your own situation that you are dealing with. Experience your feelings, your second thoughts, and the doubts that prevent you from making a positive change in direction. Center yourself ‘mentally’ in that particular ‘environment’ so that it feels real. Get caught up in the emotions and the energy that has limited your progress with unproductive hesitation. Notice the way your head spins and the way you are breathing.
When you are ready, visualize that you are walking away from the situation, the individual, and/or the uncertainties. Literally, watch yourself move past those swords and leave it behind. Find your way through the maze of whatever encircles you, and visualize an open space with a path leading out. That is your exit. This card is a scary card for many but as you see, there IS a way out if you use your head creatively. Follow your path, for it is the RIGHT path. You have the ability to remove yourself from all of it now, because nothing is physically binding you – except your imagination. Imagine yourself, walking through the open door – while articulating one of the positive pledges below. Continue to repeat it as you feel the strength that you give to these words and yourself:
  • I AM free to do as I please.
  • I AM not afraid of threats and judgments.
  • I AM taking control of my life and happiness.
  • I AM a genius for I found a solution and a way out.
Now go get your mantra on!
PS. Regarding my recent post on self-management of inner anger, my own fear (like the Eight of Swords) had developed and internalized for many years. I’ve been judged and accused by many who are blind to their own motives and actions. As a person who choses not to hurt others with my feelings of heir wrong doing, I’ve always obeyed the golden rule: ‘to keep my mouth shut, if I had nothing nice to say’. What had manifested over the course of time, was that I had lost my voice (and nerve) from speaking the truth from my heart. I created my own prison and anger, by keeping the truth, rather than voicing it. As you may tell from the posts I have shared lately – I am quite comfortable with who I am and what I have to say now, for I have faced and dealt with my own fear. I am a daughter of the Universe and I have only good intentions in my heart. I am honored and blessed to be of assistance to the cosmos: to deliver encouragement, higher knowledge, inner balance, and spiritual wisdom for those who seek it. If you choose to see me wicked and evil because of the line of work that I choose to do, or because I do no not have the mentality to accept manipulation, trickery, or lies that hurt others – then I must truly scream at the top of my lungs (yes my voice is alive) that I am 100% proud to be wicked and evil LOL.
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  1. Yay, Suzi!

  2. :o)

  3. Wicked and Evil?!?!?!?! Oh goodness gracious . . . the limitations and labels put on others to hide their own fear and ignorance . . . let me count the ways…….

  4. thats why I love ya sheree!

  5. Krysten says

    Wow… what wonderful post! Thank you for this, as I have been in 8 of Sw mode for FARRRR too long! Ok, off to do my visualization. I’ll be using this affirmation of yours: I AM a genius for I found a solution and a way out.

    Dang that rocks!!

  6. Thank you Krysten, I’m glad that you enjoyed the post! Best of luck with the energy shift!


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