Breaking Barriers to Shine | Aquarius Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Mercury Retrograde

Breaking Barriers to Shine | Aquarius Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Mercury Retrograde .. Starcana Cosmic Dirt Astrology & Tarot

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Aquarius Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse. Intense vibrations are unfolding as the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse rises in the heavens today, Monday August 7. What we have personally invested and planted for New Moon intentions (back on Sunday July 23), reach their peak.

What has remained unknown, hidden in the dark and/or secretive; will be uncovered through the bold illumination of cosmic light. A new form of truth is revealed; and this can deliver fresh insights with answers that we’ve been searching for.

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The Full Moon provides a brilliant light for us (and our truth) to stand in, so it’s time to take front stage and shine brightly. The Full Moon also gives us a sense of release, which helps us to create endings and gain closure to a cycle. What will you be letting go of today, in order for your authentic self to rise and light up?

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. Barack Obama

The lunar energy will be intently strong as sensitivities are heightened and magnified in today’s Lunar Eclipse… but also with the coming of the Solar Eclipse in just two weeks. To read more about the eclipse, click here. Have you felt the vibrational shift? The incoming energy can feel somewhat uncomfortable and unstable. With an aspect to altruistic (and rebellious) Uranus, the very thing that we’ve been desperately hungry for – could instantly flip flop – taking an unexpected turn.

If we hope to achieve any balance during these chaotic, yet transformative weeks ahead – major adjustments will be required. And while many will expect that everyone else should adjust – that’s just not how any of this works. If a better change is what you seek, then YOU are the one who must do your own personal adjusting – and become the change that you seek..

Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less. Rick Warren

Mercury Retrograde. An opportunity to pause and reflect is quickly approaching us, as Mercury stations retrograde on Saturday August 12. During the next three weeks, we’ll get a much better look at what has been failing us, and becoming a faulty issue through breakdowns in communications, phones, texts, letters, faxes, short trips, computers, appliances, vehicles and heavy machinery. Misunderstandings and disagreements also develop during this cycle. Mercury retrograde is a funky movement that can throw everything off; causing us to trip over our own misunderstandings, assumptions and clumsy footing.

Breaking Barriers to Shine | Aquarius Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Mercury Retrograde .. Starcana Cosmic Dirt Astrology & Tarot

We can utilize the weeks ahead as we’re paused to step backwards. This reverse sort of motion can help us to mentally step back and retrace our steps. The Mercury retrograde cycle can be incredibly helpful in helping us to: remember, review, refigure, redesign and re-correct –  where the original mistakes of communication began. And with the right awareness and problem-solving skills; what remained twisted and malfunctioning – can be quickly untangled and re-wired.

But if we fail to pause, so that we can fix, repair and heal where translations have been chaotic and crashing –  then the issue will continue to repeat itself, over and over again. Practice less speaking, by asking the right questions. Then hush up and listen, listen, listen. Have a positive week! Starcana weekly tarot: Comfortable because of poor vision. [TenCups/HermitRx}

Personal note: Thank you very much for all of your personal messages that were filled with positive vibes & prayers for my Joe’s surgery. Your special notes were shared with him; we’re both incredibly appreciative. ❤️

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