Cautious Communications, Mercury enters Cancer

Starcana Weekly Astrology ~ Behind The Scenes, Mercury in CancerTension is kickstarted on Monday, July 6 as our ability to care with the Sun in Cancer will require some inner adjustment with Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. We may be overly-obsessed with the control of personal needs and gains, which can lead some to make unpleasant demands. To work through this, we can utilize last week’s Capricorn Full Moon to put the ‘real’ back into our reality. Try releasing sensitivities that arouse uncomfortable feelings, expectations and occasional desperate measures. Embrace the gentle waters of Monday’s Pisces Moon to cleanse inner wounds that still remain vulnerable.

Everybody who is incapable of learning has taken to teaching. Oscar Wilde

Mercury enters Cancer. Mercury leaves versatile Gemini on Wednesday July 8, and enters careful Cancer. Thoughts and communications will begin to shift during the next there weeks, moving from quick and clever, to sensitive and watchful. As perception softens, we can become more vulnerable to what exists outside of ourselves. This change increases intuition and understanding for some, and suspicions and defensiveness for others. So how well we interact with life, personal development, work and others in the weeks ahead – will be determined by our own thoughts, verbal expressions and individual approach.

Watching life and situations from behind the scenes, allows us to be more intuitive with Mercury in Cancer. We’re a bit more cautious with the thoughts we share; so we tend to speak less, hearing more. When listening, we get to experience life in someone else’s shoes. And rather than jump to conclusions, we can learn to understand through softer eyes – to better relate.

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. Carl Gustav Jung

 In these shallow waters, where the basics of humanity and kindness reflect – learn how to attract (and distract) through the core of intentions. Create a higher frequency. Support the therapeutic flow of communication. Seek to understand the past. Dive into someone else’s story. Negotiate, through compromise and forgiveness. Make better sense of what is being creating and where we’re headed – by becoming more aware of the vibrations that each of us are sending out. Otherwise, we may blindly plunge into the shadow side of Cancer Mercury; where the past begins to surface, clouding our vision. As persuasive assumptions with hurtful memories come to one’s defense…. so does backing away, as a way to dodge confrontation, and to avoid expressing ourselves thoroghly.

Who you are speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you’re saying. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Energy invested on Wednesday will be influenced from a powerful place within, as active Mars makes a harmonious trine with imaginative Neptune. It’s fight or flight as Mars sidesteps through Cancer, so with a magical Neptune retrograde – we just might get what we’ve been hoping for. But our motives could eventually be questioned, through the surprise of truth or unexpected changes as a challenging square rises between attentive Cancer Sun and daring Aries Uranus on Sunday July 12. Something (or someone) will spark us in some way – depending again, on our perception or approach now with Mercury in Cancer. And as winds intensify in this brewing storm, expect the unexpected, with a strange turn in direction that re-ignites smoldering hot coals. Feel the burn that intensifies your shine, rather than crash and burn from fear. Tarot insight: If it isn’t there – create it. Sunrx/KingWands.

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