Cautious Steps, Mercury Retrograde, Saturn re-Enters Sagittarius, Jupiter Neptune Opposition

Weekly Astrology, Barbed Wire, Cautious Steps, Mercury Retrograde, Saturn reEnters Sagittarius, Jupiter Neptune OppositionJupiter/Neptune opposition. As we walk through the powerful vibrations of Sunday’s Solar Eclipse, we’ll also be moving through a thick dense fog from the Jupiter/Neptune opposition on Friday September 18. In it’s own divine way, this unfocused energy can overshadow what has already been learned. We can simply continue on this path ~ or plunge into the reflective waters of imagination, dreams and transcendence. And although this comfortable fantasy may seem like the easy way out, it just might be another distraction that mystifies and misleads. As Jupiter (expansion, exaggeration, truth, abundance) transits earthy Virgo, one can benefit from the oceanic merge of Neptune (dreams, forgiveness, deception, acceptance) through flexibilty, while still remaining realistic and grounded.

Learn from your history, but don’t live in it. Steve Maraboli

Mercury Retrograde. Blurred vision will continue to persist this week as Mercury stations REtrograde on Thursday September 17. During the next three weeks, there will be a pause in direction, so that we may REmember, REfocus and REcorrect our course. As Mercury (thoughts, communications) transits Libra (partnerships, relationships, enemies), look for ways to RE-communicate peace and RE-negotiate balance, by REviewing previous steps that led us to this current position.

Feeling sorry for yourself, and you present condition, is not only a waste of energy but the worst habit you could possibly have. Dale Carnegie

Saturn enters Sagittarius. After three intense years of travel through deep dark depths of the Scorpion realm, Saturn re-enters the great wide open in Sagittarius (adventures, honesty, higher learning, travel, visionary) on Thursday September 17, until December 2017. Where one might normally have unlimited access and the freedom to move and travel to where we’re going… this area will be heavily influenced by the strong fist of Saturn (responsibility, discipline). As barb-wired fences are assembled and erected over what was considered free rein of space, this generous surplus will no longer be free, as surplus becomes limited and eventually cramped.

You can’t talk your way out of what you’ve behaved yourself into. Stephen R. Covey

Ultimately; through the ‘trimming of excess and overindulgence’ – we can learn how to become better self-disciplined, responsibly efficient, conservative and simply more real. And with Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) in analytical Virgo, we can also learn how to profit through measuring, cutting corners, and getting back to the basics – through our own contribution of work and elbow grease. Tarot insight from Moonrx/10Swordsrx: Helping to save ourselves.

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