Change Is Inevitable, Growth Is Optional

Starcana Cosmic Dirt | Intuitive Tarot, Spiritual Astrology Horoscope BlogHello and Happy 2020! I hope that you had a happy or at least peaceful holiday season.

While I’ve been available for my normal business hours, I thoroughly enjoyed the three week break that I took from blogging. That extra time came in handy – especially with all the work that comes with the season. And then trying to stay afloat with all the intense energy from the changing aspects in the cosmos, while feeling so much of the pain and sadness that hearts were experiencing with recent mass shootings, the tragedy for humans, animals and nature in the devastating fires of Australia, the troubles in the news, the incoming earthquake energies that I tend to personally experience – while finally finishing my Saturn Return. ::whew::

Being an empath and sensitive, I can get overloaded with the heaviness of the energy; and I felt that writing to inspire was just a little too challenging – especially as writing doesn’t always happen naturally for me. I knew what I needed to do for me, so I took some precious ‘unplugged moments’ from blogging, so that I was able to practice the sacredness of self-care, in order to regroup my energy once again. ::fist pump::

So with this, I’d like to express how much that I still love doing this amazing work, which I’ve been called to do…. from helping others individually in professional consultations, to helping loyal readers who enjoy my weekly written insights. I genuinely appreciate your support of my work, which always has a way to inspire and motivate me. I love you, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. xox

The meaning of your life is to help others find the meaning of theirs. Victor E. Frankl

Depending on what each of us have been experiencing during the past few weeks, there’s a whole lotta of shakin’ that’s been goin’ on. Have you taken quality time to feel it? Movement with the urge to ‘push harder’ began Friday January 3, as warrior Mars (energy) left the dark waters of Scorpio, prancing into the adventurous fires of Sagittarius. If we truly know what our heart desires, the next six weeks can be a stellar time to jump restrictive fences – to create dreams. ::psst:: Can you hear me cheerleading you on with ‘burn baby burn’? Are you willing to let it all go – the burdens and the control?

With burning Mars in fiery Sagittarius, we’re bound to ‘go out and get it’ in a BIG way – with a good chance of doing it TOO big or TOO loud – if we haven’t properly thought it all the way through. We need to remember that there will be consequences for our actions. So try to be careful of not stepping on the toes of others – as it could all backfire – or burn bridges.

Torch every book. Burn every page. Char every word to ash. Ideas are incombustible. And therein lies your real fear. Ellen Hopkins

As we stay busy and create new ways to get where we’re going, emotions are likely to burst under the heavily bloated Cancer Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on Friday January 10. Our hunger is powerful and about to rupture. Where our cries are about to flow, will depend on the way that we handle ourselves. Our truth and need to shine are turned up to full volume – along with our insecurities. What was unknown, will be revealed. What was held in secret, will now be released.

New Moon intentions will also peak at this time, while the eclipse can influence chaos, crisis and change – which are often seen through breakdowns, break-ups and/or breakthroughs. Then a few hours later, Uranus stations direct (change, truth, awakenings) after five interesting months.

So while these cosmic vibrations continue to tremble, our inner processing is about to genuinely express itself with the Saturn/Pluto conjunction on Sunday January 12. While Saturn (responsibility, structure, order) is known to build and protect, Pluto (purge, transformation) destroys to regenerate. In understanding the inner tension between holding on and letting go – something that we’re desperately holding onto is shakin’, rattlin’ and rollin’. There’s some serious tension that is happening, and something is bound to break – especially if it isn’t serving us well anymore.

Truth is, that while this can be quite challenging – this doesn’t necessarily need to be disastrous – if we can see the bigger picture. Perhaps there are toxic habits and boring routines that have kept life stuck – which need to change. Maybe our rose-colored glasses or the bubble we’ve been living in needs to break the illusion. Whatever has annoying splinters, could crack. This could give us a clear picture of what we’ve been so attached to – which left life as lifeless.

Change is inevitable. Growth is optional. John C. Maxwell

To resist and fight against necessary change, can cause suffering to linger. Change is uncomfortable and even painful, but it helps us get back to life – where we can grow forward once again. We may even have an opportunity to see the person that we’ve become. Starcana tarot message for this week: Be aware of what you’re avoiding. [KnightSwords/EightSwords] For additional insight, check out your Yearly Tarot Card – and then this month’s January’s Tarotscope.

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