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Changing Communications | Starcana Cosmic Dirt, Tarot Astrology Horoscope GuidanceGood day friends, I do hope that everyone had a peaceful Thanksgiving holiday!

Five months later with Neptune retrograde, we’ll start to see the harsher aspects of our reality finally beginning to weaken and fade as Neptune stationed direct over the weekend, Saturday, November 28. Perhaps if you’re sensitive and aware, you’ve already noticed an internal shift happening. Our imagination is returning, along with the confusion, sensitivity and ability to surrender. Holding on has been a lot more tougher during the last few months. If we can just release the need to control and provide a little sympathy toward others (and for ourselves), we could gently release unnecessary attachments that would allow us to flow and move forward again. And as we do, we could attempt a brand new approach, which may include areas in our creativity, art, dance, writing, meditation, poetry, prayers or other escapisms. Whatever struggles that we’re getting ready to empty and release – in return, we’ll be making room for the healing waters to rush back in with forgiveness, acceptance, serenity and self-love. 

The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway. Henry Boye

As new hope becomes our inner guide with Neptune stationed direct; we’ll pick up where we last left off back in June – and hopefully with a bit more gentleness and compassion.
As we follow our path, a new level of truth will be illuminated under the Lunar Eclipse/ Gemini Full Moon, on Monday November 30. In being touched by this cosmic light, whatever had been unknown, in the dark or a secret, will be revealed. Intentions from the New Moon will peak, as the Full Moon tends to bring some sense of release, endings, death and letting go.
The Lunar Eclipse will magnify this emotional and creative information, which holds great potential for a change; by stirring powerful feelings, responses and urges to recreate how we’ve been thinking or communicating with others. What weighty limitation are you willing to sacrifice, to finally lighten and enhance your individual journey?

As you think you vibrate. As you vibrate you attract. Abraham Hicks

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As we ponder the newness of the path ahead, our vision will grow and expand as Mercury moves from investigative Scorpio, to join Sun in optimistic Sagittarius, on Tuesday December 1. During the next three weeks with Mercury in Sagittarius, multiple distractions and graceless outspokenness will be plentiful, but so will our options — IF we’re willing to wander just a little father and look further than the eye can see. If heavy burdens are anchored and restrictive, then obviously – our sight will be reduced. To see what’s on the other side of the fence, make a move of some sort. Heck…. why not start by moving out of your safe comfort zone? Let go of what is shrinking your perspective and potential, to grow and rise. Starcana tarot insight: Through the chaos, we find what we’ve needed. [Tower/KnightPentacles]. For more insight, check out your monthly tarot card in the latest December Tarotscope! Much love, Suzi

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