Changing The Way We Bridge The Gap, Saturn Direct, Aquarius Full Moon

Changing The Way We Bridge The Gap, Saturn Direct, Aquarius Full Moon | Starcana Cosmic Dirt Astrology

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During the past few months, goals were cosmically paused (and dropped); leaving many in a state of confusion and misdirection with Saturn retrograde, and the slippery influence of Neptune. What may have seemed rock steady, potentially secure or comfortable, became unhinged… which added extra pressure to the strength of its foundation. So in the last five months, some of us witnessed the dismantling of landslides in areas of public status, leading authorities, financial concerns, inner brokenness, insecurities, professional obstacles, family struggles and the fear to strengthen our spine. As flaws and illusions began to appear, ambitions were put on the back burner… which actually helped us to gain a little extra time; to re-study, re-structure and re-design what we have previously built.

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Saturn Direct. On Saturday August 13, Saturn stationed direct, which will allow us to start picking up from where we last left off back in March 2016. It’s time that we get grounded and use what we’ve learned over the past few months, in order to bridge the gap and put the pieces of life back together again. And with new awareness and self-discipline, we can all get busy in building a better reality.

There is peace even in the storm.  Vincent van Gogh

little BuddhiWith harmonious aspects in Tuesday’s eventful Sun/Uranus trine and Wednesday’s magnetic Venus/Pluto trine, dare to be seen in your most truest colors – especially with Thursday’s Aquarius Full Moon. New Moon intentions peak at this time, granting us with a new truth. Hungry needs will be illuminated and electrified, so be sure to expect the unexpected. Disruptive shifts are bound to change direction and possibly our personal shine; Aim for exciting and original! Tarot insight from TemperanceRx/Hermit: Difficulties influence our inner voice.

On a personal note, I wanted to thank everyone for your thoughtful messages regarding the passing of our Charlie. Your heart-felt words helped me to start filling the large hole in my heart. Two months later, we took a little time away to visit the ocean (yes, it was very healing), and we also visit the local animal shelter where we welcomed our little Buddhi into our home and hearts!

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  1. This reading is so right on target with what’s happening in my life since February. Since February I moved in with my partner of 2 years and 15 days later, I moved back out because he decided he wanted to be just friend’s and said he could not be with one woman. So, I gave up my apartment to move in with him, when I moved out I had no where to go and had to live in my tiny office for 3 months secretly with my cat, A girlfriend I worked with where I was layed off heard the way I was living and opened her doors to me so I can get back on my feet. Its been 4 months now and cant believe I am going backwards still and not forwards :(. Things are not getting better, no work here in Florida, bills due, Me and my daughter was at battle now trying to mend our relationship.Then April 4th I was permanently layed off from my full time job, the day after my birthday on April 3rd. I opened up my Reiki business in February when I moved in with him and now fearing I will have to close it at the end of August. Lack of Reiki clients, lack of funds, bank account dried up, can not find a job, only 12 weeks of unemployment of $275 a week ran out in July. I am having brick walls slammed in my face with every turn. I am hoping the doors will open for me with the next few weeks or I don’t know. I am alone, sad and at the end of my rope to where I cry uncontrollably everyday anymore. I can’t sleep, I try Reiki on myself but cant get any clarity or head way. I love reading your horoscopes, they hit home every time. I wish you well Suzi and hope the new puppy is filling your heart with happiness. Don’t know what’s going to happen to me not sure if I even want to go on anymore. I’m trying to reach out and talk to someone, but nobody seems to want to lend a ear either. I just get talked down to like all this is my fault, its sad, very sad how who we think our closest friends are will also slam the door in our faces. Keep up the good work with these scopes, your words from the scopes are the only thing I have to hold on to and look forward to them every time. Blessings to you Suzi, Shell

  2. Thank you Mashell. ❤ Im glad that I can be of some small assistance when sharing my writings, but I am so sorry to hear of what you have been experiencing. I know that each state is different in regards to help and assistance, which is why I created a 1-800-CRISIS page here on my website … because it IS time (Saturn) to really start building a better reality and much stronger path now. Plus these toll-free numbers are free, so you can actually talk to someone. And not just talk to ‘someone’, but a trained professional who can get you free advice and guidance with the right people and options – in your state – so you can get back on your feet again. Good luck my friend. ❤

  3. Buddhi is a lucky dog! Enjoy the start of a lovely new friendship!

  4. Thank you Georgina, but it is ‘I’ who is the lucky one. Much love! ❤

  5. That Puppy has a look out of their eyes like you do. It’s funny, kind of, how that works. Your Guardian Angel Messenger has arrived to help you.

  6. Thank you for your generous thoughts Sylvia ❤ I completely agree! 🙂