Communicating Freely, Mercury in Gemini

Starcana Cosmic Dirt AstrologyLast week on May 15, Mercury the ‘winged messenger’ returned home in Gemini, where he feels most comfortable. During the weeks ahead, the element of air is pumped into our communications with Mercury in Gemini. This highlights new movement in the way that we think and use our words, increasing our interest to go out more, while socializing and connecting with others. As cobwebs of routine and boredom are swept away in this process, we’ll be able to see much more clearly as to whats up ahead. This can of course intrigue fresh curiosity aas well as new confidence for first steps into brand new directions. Communications will be open, inviting, and most likely a bit more interesting, which will allow us to breathe much easier as information is transmitted back and forth. And like a breath of fresh air, our mind and speech will become stimulated with the newness of life, relationships, and new inspirations. This can help us to get a better idea where we are in our journey, as we learn how to move away from that which we’ve settled into. And because any shift is vibration, any sort of movement instigates change.

With Mercury in airy Gemini, the sign of the twins – expect the busyness to quickly increase. Everything that we mentally generate and create an outlet for – could be in doubles – as if we have an extra one of ourselves to help give us a hand. Doubled ideas will double our options, giving us plenty of creative ways that can spread ourselves thin. Without proper use of this high energy, one can become restless and flighty, followed up with anxiety, worry, and even insomnia. On the shadow side, as communications double, so will the information shared. Double-talking happens as the tongue ‘doubles’ as a forked tongue, manipulating a thin line between mistruth, trickiness, and deceit. Many can ‘talk the talk’ in this cycle, but later not remember what they had promised. With the coming eclipse this weekend, along with the strength of the recent solar eclipse, we’re communicating something to each others, and to ourselves. A need for change is expressed one way or another – so try to stay aware as to what we’re sharing – and do it nicely.

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