Cosmic Dirt Astrology, April 13, 2012, Walls Come Down, Mars Direct, The Tower Tarot, Friday the 13th

The earlier part of our day challenges our reactions as Luna squares self-absorbed Sun and miserly Saturn. Know that it is much easier to give away and to let go, rather than to hold on and control. To hold onto anything that we are experiencing, means that we not only hold onto the positive energy – but the negative energy too. As we allow our mind to become open today, we also open ourselves to opportunities as Moon sextile studious Mercury. Life becomes lighter as Luna leaves the gravitational pull of Capricorn and finds freedom in Aquarius. Be aware of how much control we naturally have, without trying to dominate others.

We’re able to breathe easier with a great sigh of relief with the Aquarian Moon. Why not try that now… for just thirty seconds, sit back, relax, and clear the mind. Once you feel calm, begin thinking about all that has stressed you out lately, especially during the last few weeks of the retrogrades! Inhale deep and slowly, thinking about all that has filled you with tension and worry. Inhale deeply, feeling your tummy and rib cage expand with air, allowing your spine to lengthen. Hold that for just three to five seconds. Then slowly release completely, exhausting all that musty air, along with the uncomfortable thoughts and emotions that were attached. Repeat this two more times.

Do you understand the exercise now? It IS much easier to give away and let go, than to hold on and control… right? Think about what else you may be holding onto that makes life heavy and lifeless? This could be someone who is resistant, a toxic attitude, a self-sabotaging behavior, and so on. If this makes sense, then just for today, give yourself permission to not hold on and control. Surrender. Notice that when we let go of all the weight that we carry, we are able to stand more erect, in better posture. We can simply use these basic essentials to rebuild the world that we dream of. With the Aquarian Moon, our hearts expand wide open, and we want to make the world a little brighter, for everyone. Humanitarian acts and kind gestures are favorable under these skies, along with brainstorming, lending a hand, creative problem solving, social organizations, games, puzzles, volunteering our time and our energy.

But before we take action today, we could find ourselves temporarily pausing. Mars, the planet of active energy, stations after almost three months of retrograde. This God of War is getting ready to move forward and turn direct. What does this mean for us? Well, in general, we have experienced a temporary stall somewhere in our life. Where we might normally act out to create what we want – may have felt stuck, frustrating, creatively blocked, or with progress on hold. Mars went retrograde back in January, so think back to personal or professional situations that have been tiring. No matter how much we may have tried, something just wasn’t performing the way that we wanted it to. But all along… as we tried to create our outside world, we were actually recreating our inner self. Obstacles were placed in our path, internally forcing us to change and make new ways to move our energy. How have you changed since the beginning of 2012?

As Mars stations direct, what wouldn’t budge or break before – finally does. All systems are go, as a force begins to take place that allows powerful changes to happen. A good visualization to help understand this can be found in the Tower tarot card to the right. Everything that we have been doing to create our life, our relationship, our business, etc is represented as the Tower. We assume that what we have created will be long-lasting. Under the hard lessons of Saturn retrograde, we learn (or SHOULD learn) that if we are not responsible for our share of the work and maintenance of what we have built, that it will eventually all come crashing down around us. Does that sound familiar? So although Mars will be allowing us to move more easily to make great changes to happen in our lives,  jobs, relationships, etc… Saturn retrograde will still have his foot on the brakes – just as a precaution, to make sure that we are creating the world that want. If you we do this slowly and carefully, we can avoid making the same mistakes that got us here in the first place. ‘Now’ is a blessing, for we still have this precious time to correct and rebuild what we are afraid of losing… if we aren’t afraid of change.

As in the image of the Tower card, something within is bursting that force walls to come down. Old structure dies, so that something new may take place. As the cracks continue to widen and fall open, we get a glimpse as to what has been going on. On one end, things may have appeared stable, strong, and contained in yourself, your business, your relationship, etc… but as pressure of life and reality is applied, weaknesses gradually appear. And thank God and Goddess for showing us these flaws, for now we know exactly what we must REALLY tend to for repair.

Great change, comes with great effort. Period. We are not victims. But if we ‘CHOOSE to rely on someone else, we choose to rely on ignorance, with the assumption that someone will take care of our responsibilities. If life is unhappy, we can only blame ourselves, because we failed to be responsible for what mattered the most to us.

So for many people, the Tower card can be quite scary and shocking – because we are faced to wake up to the world we created. As soon as the Tower card appears, I hear a lot of gasps and ‘Oh no’s!’, but as you may understand now… the Tower and unexpected changes do not have to be frightening at all. It is a blessing once we move beyond the chaos. If we are aware and responsible for our own actions, while being mindful of others, what is there to truly fear? “Let us live in joy, free from greed among the greedy. Among those who are greedy, we live free of greed”. Dhammapada. Tarot guidance from Five of Cups, Eight of pentacles rx: To see the hypocrisy, see the imperfections.

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