Cosmic Dirt Astrology, April 22 2012

Our inner nature softens sweetly as Sun sextiles gentle Neptune. Warm waters gently wash over us, cleansing away leftover stress that has limited our ability to shine. We’re able to heal the spirit. Creative efforts stand out considerably, and our ability to express ourselves comes out like a music. For some reason, Bob Marley’s tune ‘Three Little Birds‘ come to mind.. and ‘every little thing gonna be okay’. As Moon conjuncts optimistic Jupiter by the afternoon, the energy should encourage a nice, serene smile.

Near dinner, Mercury conjuncts outrageous Uranus, sending electrical currents to the way we think and communicate. Something shocks and awaken something within us, arousing a spontaneous shift. Plans may be revised. Be prepared for the winds to change direction, sending us on an alternative course to find another way. Expect an adjustment from the mind that dares us to evolve. As yesterday’s Taurus New Moon continues to gain light, know what you are attracting to receive the best benefits from this lunar cycle. The annual Lyrid meteor shower peaks this weekend on the night of April 21-22 when Earth passes through a stream of debris from ancient Comet Thatcher. More information, observing tips, and live audio from a meteor radar are available on today’s edition of Happy Earth Day, Plant a flower, hug a tree, and love your lawn. Do something positive to purify the air, and to bring sparkle back into the water. Dance and share the laughter. “Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul”  Plato. Tarot guidance from Emperor, Knight of Cups rx: Don’t let your head get in your way.

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