Cosmic Dirt Astrology April 23

2014 Starcana Cosmic Dirt AstrologyIn today’s cosmic event of the Cardinal Grand Cross, four planets in cardinal signs reach an exact degree, which form four points of a cross. From one end, Uranus in Aries (Cardinal Fire, Ego & Self) opposes Mars in Libra (Cardinal Air, Relationships & Balance). On the other, Jupiter in Cancer (Cardinal Water, Home & Emotional Security) opposes Pluto in Capricorn (Cardinal Earth, Career & Status).

In this astrological layout, a lot is happening internally, especially as we’re pulled into several directions all at once. Mixed amounts of energy blend together as one; from an assortment of frustrations and powerlessness, to impatience and nervousness – all contained in a strange sense of calm.

Once the person commits to being coached, s/he begins to experience a different, more hopeful world as his or her perceptions evolve. John G Agno

The cardinal energy is bold and active. We’re urged to initiate – to step up and take charge – by doing what is necessary to get the ball rolling. Otherwise, the lack of movement could make us feel like ‘sitting ducks’ in the middle of hunting season. We’re suppose to push and move life forward by creating, and with Mars retrograde, this creation needs to be within. If we’ve avoided making changes because of uncertainties or fear, then not much has been accomplished. Eventually moss grew while we were waiting and hoping that ‘something would occur’. So in this uneasy period, there are many who are actually expecting a fallout or downfall, with a weird, comfortable ease. Why? Because in general, this means that something is finally breaking…whether breaking down or breaking through… and the ball will ultimately be moving back into our court again (even though we could have nudged it along some time ago).

Sacrifice, which is the passion of great souls, has never been the law of societies. Henri Frederic Amiel

Mars (action, energy) will oppose rebellious Uranus (change, awakenings), then square destructive Pluto (transformation, regeneration) this morning, while the altruistic Aquarian Moon is excited to help us spread our wings. As Mercury moves from fearless Aries, and into practical Taurus, it will be important that we think carefully before jumping ship. Groundbreaking potential with expansion is in our hands, but which way it all rolls will depend on our self-control and ability to transform to a higher frequency.

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