Cosmic Dirt Astrology, April 3, 2012, I Want My Cake, and To Eat it Too, Venus enters Gemini

We could feel that we deserve much more than what we’ve received as Luna squares famished Venus this morning. As Moon enters systematic Virgo, we analyze our feelings, and consider a plan of priorities to get what we need. Under the Virgo Moon, we need less from others and rely upon our own resources. Solitude becomes our friend as we reassess our life. Favorable energy for ‘cleaning house’, de-cluttering, putting money and finances into order, de-stressing from outside resources, meditation, improving our well-being. Distractions may follow as Luna opposes unreliable Neptune. As she conjuncts Mars, we get a burst of energy that is reactive to get our own way.

For the next weeks ahead, what we want and value will shift considerable as Venus leaves materialistic Taurus, and enters sociable Gemini. We can find ourselves becoming less concerned with ‘hanging on’ in order to build inner security now. Instead, we listen to our heart as we inhale life and all that it has to offer. We dip back into the present, yearning to associate with like-minds of others, to gain advice, insight, and fresh ideas to connect. The zodiac sign for Gemini is the twins, so what we want and attract may possibly come to us in ‘two’s’ over the months ahead. Venus (our values, money, and love) In this airy element, is like tossing what we have (our hard-earned paycheck, or loved ones) into the wind – just to see what happens. Somewhere along the line, we became bored and stunted in growth, so a change allows us to move in new directions. The type of change is up to us, as we can move WITH what we have been holding onto, or we can flow in a different direction, to find freedom from what we have comfortably attached ourselves to.

We may find ourselves finding new ways to spend our time and money on new and interesting areas in our lives. There is movement in our finances, and while this is good to stimulate the economy, without a careful eye, we could watch our cash slowly disappearing too. We could decide on taking on a new business partner. Balance, as in two’s, is required when making our choices. In love and romance, new love (or a chance to reconnect from someone from our past) is just around the corner with Venus in Gemini. We may be playing with two cards up our sleeve, juggling two romantic connections. Yes, this fun could highlight our summer – but the need result and consequences will be waiting for us in the end. Realistically, Saturn is still transiting through Libra (personal relationships, business partnerships, enemies), so if we haven’t learned how to maintain balance for ourselves, while being courteous and decent to those we want in our life – well, the word ‘consequence’ is enough said. The only way we can have true, healthy relationships (professionally, personally, and romantically) is to have our minds in the present moment, being realistic and truthful. When we display our good side WITH the ‘not so good’ side, we allow BOTH parties involved, to make their own decisions on what is real, rather than on hope, illusions, and promises. Cloaking intentions is a purposeful act, because it is manipulative energy to satisfy one’s own selfish needs ~ whether one is lying, cheating, stealing, or using convenient ignorance). Without being concerned for those that we have manipulated, lied, and tricked to get what we want, we are obviously not being kind, honest, or respectful. Carefully design your consequence, to create a positive end result for everyone involved. “Try to view everyone who comes into your life as a friend, and as a teacher”. Tarot guidance from The Lovers, Hierphant rx: A kind gesture is wrapped with an unlearned lesson.

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