Cosmic Dirt Astrology, April 6, 2012, The Light in Truth, Libra Full Moon

To maintain peace under this Libra moon, we should quietly embrace our inner darkness. This way, we are able to stay in control of our path as Luna squares grueling Pluto in the wee hours of the morning. Later this afternoon, a Full Moon rises. All comes into full light now, such as dark secrets, deep desires, and what has been hidden. Truth is revealed, as well as answers that we have been seeking (or NOT seeking). With the Full Moon in Libra, we experience a soothing peace, as emotions and truth release, to settle. The air element draws attention to illuminations made through communications, sharing information, the integrity of our word, and the power of knowledge. In Libra, the light of our relations are recognized and understood, whether that be romantically, personally, or professionally. With Saturn retrograde in Libra, karma will no doubt be distributed. Karma is not about ‘good things’ or ‘bad things’ that come forward, but instead, the balance that was needed to make situations ‘right’. Whatever the outcome, know that the Universe has delivered exactly what we were ‘due’. Dark or light, embrace it – for it is ours, and all is a blessing under this great mother of light. “Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it”. Buddha. Tarot guidance from The Sun, Empress: Your have a right to be happy.

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Wandering the road less traveled has graced me with cosmic dirt and stardust; which helps me, to help others. As an Intuitive Life Consultant, I work with intuitive psychic senses, tarot, astrology, spirituality, energy sensitivity & other divine tools for readings, advice & guidance.


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