Cosmic Dirt Astrology, August 17, 2012, Must Polish to Shine, Leo New Moon, Sun sextile Saturn

As we carefully (and patiently) carve out a new plan for a more peaceful and realistic path, opportunities lie just up ahead as Sun (identity, ego) sextiles Saturn (responsibilities, discipline). If you’ve been steadily working a tough and serious path, to add structure to your life.. then know how far you’ve come along. I’m sure that you’ve learned to appreciate the more important things in life, and with your nose to the grindstone, you’ve more than likely managed to build much in regards to your confidence, self-respect, and character. Ultimately, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and there’s no doubt that you’re probably ready to stand on your own two feet. Stay at it, and don’t give up.

It’s a special cosmic event, as we embrace this particular strength and hold it very dear to our heart. The heart and spine are ruled by the sign Leo, and this New Moon is in the courageous heart of Leo. The New Moon is a magical time to pull within ourselves, in order to set intentions and send wishes into the universe. With the Sun (will) and Moon (emotions) conjunct in sunny Leo, there is a great harmony and extra shine that exists in us now. This can help us immensely to create our brand new path, if we can genuinely work hard to invest ourselves. Intentions will be more enhanced  if they are set in areas that Leo rules, such as: leadership, management, romance, image, matters of the heart, pleasure, children, entertainment, authority, self-control, loyalty, and personal power. Take a look at your personal natal chart to see which astrological house has new energy brewing from this New Moon, and include this into your intentions.

The Leo New Moon sextiles the Mars/Saturn aspect, which can increases opportunities, but ONLY if we stay determined. We need to remember that patience and persistence is the key, no matter what gets in our way, or who slows us down. Mars likes to push it into high gear, and push people out of the way… while Saturn presses his foot on the brake, careful to ‘mind his own’. As written in a recent post‘The conjunction between fiesty Mars and workaholic Saturn also lends a helping hand to create and build brand new roads. If you are ready for a change in scenery, let go of old ways, to pave a new tomorrow’. Through challenges and hardships is how Saturn teaches us valuable life lessons. Welcome what may come your way, for it is the key in surviving the storms. The keyword of Leo is ‘I will’. Using this, what do you intend to create in the weeks ahead? You might be able to get some additional insight from August’s Tarotscope. ‘You don’t luck into integrity. You work at it’. Betty White. Tarot insight [QueenWands/ThreeSwords] Conquer what disappoints you. And last, while on vacation, I was the maid of honor for my best friend/college buddy’s wedding. If you’d like to take a peek at some of the photos, friend me and check out my Facebook.

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Wandering the road less traveled, my wildheart follows the path of an Intuitive Psychic and Life Consultant. Graced with dirt and stardust, I work with tarot, astrology, spirituality, energy sensitivity & other divination tools; to help with insight, advice and guidance. ❤


  1. Rocío Incera says

    Thankyou very much, Suzi.

    I´m arian. I felt in the very morning this rigid and dry structures (swords) that have to come down.

    My Ascendant is Cancer and in order to stay in my curstacean nature, I do every thing! But, then, I must go out and stop making all those illusions of fear and glory.

    My moon is a sagitarean one, and this all will help!


  2. Thank you for sharing Rocío! You’ve also experienced the crust from Saturn opposing the brilliance of your Sun. Change is around the corner, and the awesome thing, is that you are quite aware of it, and completely ready to make it happen. Good luck, and Much love.


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