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As the cosmos flow into a new position this week, Our current direction will most likely shift right along with the movement. As above, So below. Life is in constant change, so it’s to our advantage when we learn how to flow right along with its waves. With that, and being the end of the year, I thought that I might experiment and try a ‘weekly’ post.

This week’s shift begins on Monday, as Mercury (our thoughts and communications) charge into the wide open fields of Sagittarius. In this realm, our inner world holds great windows to allow us to preview the remarkable places that we could find great space and freedom in the next three weeks ahead. Our imagination would be our only limitation.

Mercury and Sagittarius are usually ‘in the know’, because they need ‘forward movement’, which requires flexibility. With Mercury in Sagittarius, our mind quickly drifts from the stagnant cobwebs that are contained in boredom. When we mentally step outside of ourselves – out from our comfort zone – we can see life much more clearly. Mercury in Sagittarius encourages us to look for bigger and better information, so that we can ‘find a way out’, and most likely broadcast (or brag) about our latest adventure. But first, we must escape these mental boundaries that we have placed upon ourselves. As an example; If you have imagined and told yourself that you were ‘trapped and helpless’ in a recent situation.. then yes, you were absolutely right. How we normally would process information, will hold new chances to help us break free from the routine(s) that we tend to rely on. Here is where we seek truth and the meaning of our life experiences.

As our vision changes, our attitude and position will slowly follow. As our thoughts find that there is more room to run and play, we can bravely begin think more positively – which opens doors of possibilities and potentials – for this is where REAL life changes can truly manifest.

Communications will extend itself generously with Mercury in the fast-lane of Sagittarius. Not just our thoughts, but also the words we speak. This can be beneficial in sharing information and knowledge in business, with promotions, publications, writing, legal work, meetings, speeches, as well as in travel, learning new languages, and spiritual journeys. This energy is obviously high-paced and galloping wildly into many directions. Mercury in Sagittarius is at an expansive and happy place, while caught burning the candle at both ends. We can be thinking much more like the party animal Sagittarius, so if we lose control of our thoughts under this three week cycle, we may suffer from burn out, with impatience, loss of sleep, party hangovers, anxiety, and insomnia. We’ll also need to keep tight reins on our tongue, as we can have much more to say under this cycle, where we can lean toward casual gossip, over-explanation, telling dramatic stories, speaking bluntly and saying our truth – without thinking it out first.

Karma is not something complicated or philosophical. Karma means watching your body, watching your mouth, and watching your mind. Trying to keep these three doors as pure as possible is the practice of karma.- Lama Thubten Yeshe

Venus will join Mercury and Sun in Sagittarius on Saturday. Venus (our values, love, and money) isn’t afraid to enjoy herself, and in joyous Sagittarius, we can find ourselves being much more appreciative of opportunities that come our way – no matter how big or small. In the house of super-generous Sagittarius, we’ll tend to share much more of ourselves with others. ‘Mi casa es su casa’. ‘What’s mine, is yours’. Venus in lucky Sagittarius allows for new doors to open in areas of love and relationships. Hearts are open wide. Possibilities open wide for our money too. What comes in, goes out just as quickly if we aren’t careful as wallets open wide. Use gratitude and take nothing for granted with these small blessings from the skies.

During the next four weeks, enjoy love and gifts without any expectations, as it can be a very confusing time for some. Venus in Sagittarius shares love and good times in one moment, but can be gone in the flick of an eye. Why? Well first, because Sagittarius is easily distracted to whats fun and happening in the moment. This isn’t a time to heavily attach, to create rules, or to fenced anyone in – cause it just ain’t going to happen. It’s more like ‘let’s see what’s free and available on the buffet table’, if you catch my drift. If you are in a relationship, you can benefit more by playing hard to get and being the tease. But not for too long. Live for the moment, and just have fun. And remember, if you set it free and it returns, well… then know that actions speak in volumes.

Venus in Sagittarius can also have us craving for much more than what we are receiving. While some of us may think that it’s about the bling, or the time and energy.. we may still find ourselves unsatisfied. While it’s the thought that counts, our ‘fair share’ is in BIG demand. In other words, we want to learn ::insert spooky music here::: the truth. We are more hungry for the knowledge that is hidden ‘behind’ the gift. You know, like ‘does this mean that we are growing together toward a happy place’? On that subject, beware of jumping to conclusions with Mercury in Sagittarius. Assumptions get you nowhere. Instead, listen well, for there is much to learn on this exciting road. Just love today, as if there is no tomorrow.

The bridge that we choose to cross will be a bit wobbly this week as Neptune’s heavy fog blankets over Mercury and Venus. Our view up ahead will be limited with a dream-like mist. Not a bad thing though, as this will force us to use our other senses – so that we can learn to trust ourselves much better.

As Moon and Sun harmonize divinely in Sagittarius, a New Moon rises on Thursday morning. This is powerful timing as it starts the beginning of a new emotional cycle. As we’ve been slowly releasing, our heart (Moon) and spirit (Sun) have been coming together as one. So even though we can become a little more tired and reserved during the Dark Moon, it is considered to be the ideal time to make wishes and to set new intentions for the New Moon – as we can utilize this quiet energy by pulling inward – to reach our most inner core. In this center, is the calling of our deepest and most private desires. To benefit the most from the seeds that we are about to plant, New Moon intentions should revolve around that which is ruled under Sagittarius, such as: adventures, laughter, travel, religion, divinity, spirituality, philosophy, law, publications, chance, sales, education, books, teaching, foreign affairs, sports, vision, learning, knowledge, fun, movement, optimism, volunteering, good samaritans, gurus, and reaching outside of ourselves. But like a good poker player that Sagittarius can be, we can enjoy the game and good fortune that will be found, but we must also know when to fold our cards and walk away while we’re ahead – if we hope to stay ahead of the game.

Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody. Mark Twain

Then in a few short hours after the New Moon positions herself, Uranus will finally station direct, after five interesting months in retrograde. Life and situations that were stalled back in the summer, so that we could stop in our tracks, to take a good look inside of ourselves – so that our truth could reveal our true direction. In these months under Uranus retrograde, we were to spend time rediscovering who we are, and I mean who we REALLY are, and what to become. It was all about finding and knowing our truth, based on the person that we are. During this inner journey, if we had done our homework, this gift of knowledge would allow us to redesign ourselves into the person that we are meant to be.

As Uranus begins to slowly shift in the weeks ahead, pressures can begin to ease as life moves forward again. Uranus is the Awakener, but also the winner of awards for stirring chaos, change, and freedom for individuality. We’ll be faced with situations that awake us from the sleep/blur we’ve been under. We may want to ask ourselves about our decisions, which will create a force of change. This can cause calamity, yet at the same time be the ‘right’ thing – whether we care to admit it or not.

To add the icing on the cake, the Geminids Meteor shower will light up Thursday’s nightsky. But the one thing that can be safely said, is that movement is the keyword, which will have some major impact from the recent eclipses. We could also see more earth activity as things shift, so you may have an interest in reading about emergency preparation, the solar systems alignment, and my own intuitive tremor logs. It all generally adds up to change in the way we’ve been doing things, and the one thing that you will always get from Uranus, is the truth. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to fly with all the baggage you’ve been carrying – to sport off your new colors.

Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Starcana Tarot, Uranus Direct AstrologyI pulled a few cards to see what I might share that may be of importance with this article… and I received three reversed cards: PagePentaclesrx, Deathrx, and AceWandsrx. This particular draw suggests that there will those who will still continue to struggle with this shift, because of what they have failed to learn. Desperation may develop, as they strain to grasp onto what doesn’t belong to them. Without doing the necessary homework, a lot of wasted time and energy can cause them to run out of gas, from running into circles. Therefore, reaching the goal or destination will be limited, which will give some permission to fall back into the same old routine.

If this happens to sound familiar, then I suggest that you figure out what you are truly trying to hold onto, and then ask yourself why it is so important to make it yours. Because when push comes to shove, it doesn’t appear that your hard work is generating enough positive results for you… meaning that you may be much more open and ready for the change that is calling, than you originally thought.

This week’s affirmation: I’m having fun and exploring my options.

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