Cosmic Dirt Astrology, February 19, 2012, The Power of Love, Sun in Pisces

We’re letting nothing disturb our inner equilibrium as Moon enters distant Aquarius. Our emotions are at an untouchable place, so dramatic distractions are no use to our journey. We’re in our own little universe as Sun conjuncts steamy Neptune, allowing us to filter only what we need to make this a beautiful meeting to our day.

Today, the Sun enters the sensitive world of Pisces, and will be there for the next four weeks. Our inner strength and leadership shall reign when we sacrifice our ego, in order to feel. Our true shine is illuminated as we allow ourselves to surrender, so that we may experience compassion, acceptance and forgiveness. As the Sun beams onto these heavenly waters ~ sparkle in its magic. Allow amazing wonders to generate charm and kind acts in our work, our business, our relationships, and into the depths of our soul.

We can also lose sight of our footing during the next four weeks, so it is important to find a healthy balance between reality and the dream world. Pisces is dark energy, both feminine and mutable. Without a strong foundation or good set of morals to stand on ~ the Pisces Sun can lead lost souls into darkness of repetitive habits. This can encourage escapism from their responsibilities, with reliance on blame, excuses, and their false friendship with addictions with alcohol, medications, sex, food, and other temptations.

The weeks ahead can be quite an enchantment of cosmic gifts as Sun (identity), Neptune (divinity), Chiron (healing), and Mercury (communications) transit Pisces. Imaginative and creative pursuits benefit generously from this mystical energy, which is favorable for artists, writers, musicians, healing intuitive, and the holistic arts. We can find exactly what we’re looking for during this magical time, if we’re willing to believe that it truly exists. The REtrograde cycle of both Mars and Saturn can aid us on our individual journey if we take the steps needed to REcreate and REbuild a better and stronger future that is based of acceptance and kindness. Love is the answer, so make an effort to reach out and touch another’s heart. Otherwise, choosing to ignore the necessary effort to create potential, the Sun in Pisces will support enhance your claim to inferiority, as you point fingers, and play the victim of circumstance.

Our actions always contain some sort of consequence, even in love and magic. The universe will never just punish or bless you, but instead, it will simply respond to the vibrations in which you have chosen to send out. We should always be loving AND accountable for whatever seeds we have chosen to plant. “Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Tarot Guidance from King of Swords rx, The Lovers rx: Our sincerity is being tested.

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