Cosmic Dirt Astrology, February 8, 2012, Fight for Me, Venus enters Aries

Starcana Cosmic DirtAfter weeks in the mushy, unstable waters of Pisces, Venus finally makes her move onto the heated stage of Aries. This love goddess who rules the planet of love, is hungry for the blood and the fight of honor. She entices our taste for passion, by challenging us to step up to the plate and prove where our heart is. This is the fighting ring of Aries, ruled by Mars; God of War. Our hunger increases for the spotlight, undivided attention, and the championship ring. This is fiery energy that is pure and raw. Venus in Aries inspires that which we hold important; to be animated, dramatic, and exciting. Magic and the speed of light complete our romance with adventure. Bold acts that sizzle with fun and laughter scores major points. This is our sizzling playground of love and sex.

Venus rules our values, love, and money. For the next six weeks, our needs can change dramatically. We could experience a change of heart in matters that we thought had been very close to us. We want to be the hero, and to do what is right.. but for ourselves. We crave someone who will rescue us, and fight for our love. Aries is known as the baby of the zodiac, and it’s shadow side can be very immature and selfish. Tantrums and disagreements can develop during this time. We want what we  want, at any cost. Money could burn a hole through our pocket now, or we could suffer the loss of our respect. With Mars retrograde, we could be frustrated that life isn’t moving forward fast enough for us. Impatience causes us to react instantly. Be wise with choices made in the weeks ahead, especially with as we’re being tested under the karmic influence of Saturn retrograde.

Luna enters earthy Virgo by noon, helping to ground the burning fires from yesterday’s Leo Full Moon. Filter through your active day… take what is necessary, and leave the rest behind… because it’s time to get serious. “The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” Bruce Lee. Tarot guidance from Knight of Cups rx, The Sun rx: Our life is distorted through cloudy vision.

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