Cosmic Dirt Astrology, February 9, 2012, In Support of Evolution, Venus conjunct Uranus ~ The Empress & Fool Tarot

Venus conjunct Uranus, The Empress and The FoolLuna continues her wade through practical Virgo, where she can keep us both level-headed and ‘down to earth’, thanks to her critical eye and need for perfection. Solitude and getting back to our business feels right, and this energy id favorable for organization, work, money, and cleaning up the cobwebs in our life.

Venus (values, love, money) recently moved into bold Aries, and her conjunction with spontaneous Uranus later this evening could set off fireworks. For this to be a positive or not so positive note, truly depends on your individual situation and natal chart. It is noticeable that we may be bored with what we’ve created, and a change is desired. Uranus is The Awakener, and as the Reformer – we can find that we are rebeling against the routine in our life, finances, or relationships. Something electrifying happens that can either shock or surprise us. And although the light is decreasing from the Leo Full Moon, the energy and crave is still power, which has the potential to magnify today’s decisions and actions. No matter what is advised today, we’ve probably already made up our mind. In support of evolution, and changing with the times… this was probably bound to happen anyway. ‘If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space’. Otis Broadwater. Tarot guidance from Four of Pentacles, Six of Wands: With time used wisely, we can accomplish much.

The energy of the Empress (Venus) and The Fool (Uranus) melt into each other, like peanut butter and chocolate. Two individual tastes that are SO delightful when we mix them together. Like minds attract. Venus rules Libra and Taurus ~ with disciplined lessons about making wiser choices for the future. Uranus rules Aquarius ~ has had the beer-goggle removed after years of foggy Neptune influence. The Empress needs beauty to surround her, and the happier that she is, the happier she can share her true inner beauty. Add the ‘zing!’ of The Fool, and this forces The Empress to get out of her comfort zone, and to face that something has been missing in her fairytale life. We can make a quick decision to sacrifice (or risk) our comforts of earthly possessions ~ for what we could possibly ‘see’ in our long distance future. The shadow side of this, is hat we’re doing what we need to, to curb our craving to be satisfied ~ but we may not acknowledge as to how it will affect or disrupt those around us. And for this, is the the reason that Saturn retrogrades ~ to ask about about our choices, so that we may understand how our reputation and character is affected… as well as in our relationships (Saturn in Libra).

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    Well written! Insightful, imaginative and thoughtfully summarized.

  2. thank you 🙂